Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ice Cream Break

After my enjoyable stint at the picnic table outside the Ephraim library, I stopped into Wilson's to get myself a root beer float. But when I saw that today's top flavor was chocolate peanut butter explosion, I was stopped in my tracks by guilt. I could not get ice cream here without Erik.
So I biked back to he hotel, where I found him holed up in the stuffy room, typing away, I kidnapped him and is computer and brought them back to the library table, where he happily went back to typing, now cooled by a shady tree and bay breezes. I walked across he street to a public water access area and walked into he icy, clear water, standing on flat rocks and watching the water distort my view of the rocks below. A group of people laughed while propelling a paddle boat out onto the lake, and in the distance I saw a pair of stand-up paddleboarders. The sun was so bright, at about 4:30 p.m., that patches of water were sparkling like diamonds.
I climbed back up the shore bank and returned to Erik, just in time to see a van pull up and an old man with a cane yelled to us to ask if the library was open. I looked at the sign. It was closed. He asked what time it had closed, so I looked a the other sign, the one with the hours, and told him, "It closed at 3."
"Why would anyone close the library at 3 p,m,.???" he asked. We told him that was a good question. Then he wanted to know if there was any way to find out if other local libraries were open, and Erik kindly started looking them all up on the net. The man said he was trying to check out a video, and I would not be surprised if Erik was planning to give him a bittorrent tutorial next. I left them to it and went to get us some ice cream. I met these sweet young ladies, who scooped my ice cream -- and how could you not leave a tip in that jar? Yep, those are the schools the summer staff attend during the year.

The cones at Wilson's are so massive on top they look cartoonish, but well packed so that they did not fall off the skinny sugar cone, My float was perfect too.


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