Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pulling Their Weight

It's another crazy busy Christmas season, but one thing I have going for me this time: Everyone is doing her part around here.

Nutmeg and Pebbles have been cooperating to make their own bed each morning, tucking down the snowflake flannel sheets for display and placing their gingerbread man pillows neatly at the top. Then -- get this -- they troop downstairs, before Epu and I are out of bed, and make the coffee.

I'm serious. Nutmeg grinds the beans, puts in the filter, measures 4 scoops of grounds in, and pours in 10 cups of water. Pebbles, well, I'm not sure what she's doing during that time, because as previously stated, I am in bed while this happens.

And they're not the only girls pulling their weight around here.

This morning, while lying in bed waiting for my coffee to be brewed, I hear Nutmeg hit the bottom of the stairs and say, "Myrtle, thank you! Good girl!"

I suspected. I hoped. And it was confirmed:

"Mom! Dad! I think Myrtle just caught her first mouse!"

By the time Epu got down the stairs, the mouse had been misplaced, which happens to pretty much everything in this house so why should that surprise us?

"She was right here, playing with it," Nutmeg was saying.

Fortunately, the mouse was again located, this time by Katie, who had a great time batting and tossing it around the house.

See, this is what having a rodent infestation does to you. A dead animal gets dragged all over your hardwood floors, and you're thinking, "This is better than Christmas morning!"

Once I got out the dead mouse tongs (sometimes known as the "fishing out things that fell in the toilet tongs) and disposed of the cats' new toy, speculation began over which cat had caught the mouse. At first Myrtle had gotten the credit since she had the mouse when it was first sighted. But Katie the Kitten Fairy played with it much more energetically, and she was so charged up after the whole incident was over. She kept capering around the house chasing balls and scraps of paper.

We always kinda thought Katie would be the better mouser. She's larger, more energetic, dominant in play, and she seems to stalk more. Myrtle will notice that she's listening for something after a few minutes, and then come follow along.

We can only hope that it will become a morning routine, waking up to a dead animal in the house.

Things you never thought you'd say, right?


susiej said...

What a lovely way to start the day! Things we'd never thought we'd say.

Bert said...

Fishing Out Things That Fell In The Toilet tongs. Brilliant. One of my kitchen tools is going to be so bummed when I demote it.