Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pony Love

I was one of those horsey girls. Those girls who drew horse heads in the margins of every spiral notebook, who wrote dramatic stories about horses who died in the 6th grade, and who read all the Gypsy books and every other book for horsey girls I could get my hands on.
Do I fantasize about going out horseback riding with my girls? Obviously.
So today was a treat. We attended the birthday party of one of Nutmeg's classmates, and the family was nice enough to invite Pebbles along too for the big surprise:

PONIES! !!!!

I was surprised by Pebbles' lack of fear and utter delight at riding that tiny little pony alongside our neighbor's house and back.

Nutmeg was hoping that once she got out to the street, there would be some members of the public standing around to gawk at the strange sight of a mounted rider in Oak Park. She was disappointed in that, but as you can see her spirits were still riding high.

Safe to say that my daughters are now horsey girls themselves. Now, who's going to buy us some ponies of our own and a place to pasture them?

Thanks so much to our friends for inviting us, and happy 6th to the birthday girl!

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Anne said...

You had a great time with your daughters and it is very nice to have a horse back riding.

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