Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

Have you met my 13-month-old? It must come as somewhat of a shock to hear that I have one, when you never heard a peep about his first birthday. OK, it happened, it was great, loved ones celebrated. Done.

And now, he's giving hugs and kisses. To me, to Epu, to his sisters, and even to dollies.

Today I was here, typing away, when I saw out of the corner of my eye that Toth was climbing up on something. When I got around to making sure he was safe (mother of the year), he was sitting on the doll bunk bed, feet dangling, passing out the Toth Love.

The best thing about when Toth hugs you is the noise he makes. It's his version of the little "awww," I say when I hug him, except with his breathy little gusto miniman voice, it sounds kind of like the Bud Light "wasssup?"

But in a cute way.

Here is where I admit that my journalistic restraint is lax when writing about my own family. He didn't start kissing the dollies until I modeled it for him. But then, he kissed them a lot.

And wait, what's he doing now? Call the authorities! Or at least Mothering Magazine!

(OK, I think this pose is a coincidence and not an attempt to breastfeed the dollie. But I dunno, that satisfied look on his face? Looks like pure oxytocin to me.)


Sara said...

WOW...he looks like nutmeg. i that that was her in that first pic until i took a second look. adorable! :-)

lwwb said...

i second to Sara, he really does look like pebbles, they look like twins...Now hazel looked totally different as a girls really dont' like playing with their stuff animals.

Bert said...

What a little snugglebear! So cute! :)

Buy WoW Mage said...

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