Sunday, March 07, 2010

Toth Sleep Report: Much Improved

I hate to even say this online, because a) it's bad luck to report any kind of parenting victory because it will inevitably leads to a relapse and b) I hate hearing reports of cry-it-out success because I really believe that no-cry tactics can work and are kinder.

But, after just a few nights of crying for 1/2 and hour or so, Toth is sleeping much, much better.

For the last three nights, Toth has slept from 6 p.m. until 10 or 11 p.m. with no interruption. Tonight he was even awake when we laid him down and we heard a whimper or two but then he went to sleep on his own. One morning he slept all the way from 11 p.m. until 6:20 a.m. This morning he didn't do as well -- he woke up many times in the predawn hours and didn't want to nurse. He was probably wet but I was too sleepy to realize that and get my butt up to change him.

On the nights he cried himself to sleep for a half hour or so, he also woke up at 9:30 p.m. and cried for much longer -- like an hour -- and after that I nursed him. He was quite upset by that time both nights, and I felt bad about letting him cry when he was apparently hungry. I resolved that the next time he woke up at 9:30, I would nurse him right away. But then he hasn't woken up at 9:30 again.

He's napping reasonably well. Funny thing we figured out about his a.m. nap is that he will only take it if Epu brings him along when he walks Nutmeg to school. He needs that fresh air or the routine of it. So this weekend Epu took him for short walks at the same time and it worked like a charm.

So, Toth is a happy little guy right now. That's one thing that Dr. Weissbluth asserts that is really true. They don't hate you in the morning, they don't seem sad; they're in great moods because they've gotten the sleep they need.

Am I a convert? Well ... I acknowledge that it works. I still don't like it, but it worked.

So far. Oh, Parenting Karma, please don't smite me. After having a few evenings to ourselves, Epu and I don't want to go back.


zeecon said...

I am in the same boat. I let my almost 8 month old cry for about 20 minutes in the middle of the night a few nights ago, and she has rewarded us with more sleep! It was hard not to nurse her, but my doctor gave a look that said I was crazy when I asked, But doesn't she need to eat? Short answer: no. So no more night feedings, the one CIO session, and we appear to be on track to better sleep. She was up at 2 am last night, but was rocked right back to sleep. FWIW, we put her down around 8 pm, although I pretty much have to hold her from 6 pm on because that is the only way she is happy. Yes, she is tired, but doesn't seem to get to that overtired/can't sleep phase anymore, I think she has outgrown that. Good luck!

Carrie said...

Not all doctors would say an 8-month-old doesn't need to nurse at night. Dr. Weissbluth says they don't need it after 9 months, but I think it really depends on the baby. One of my friends, who has four, always said hers seemed ready to sleep through the night when they reached a certain weight.

But if your baby only cried 20 minutes, then accepted being just rocked the second night, she's probably not hungry.

Dr. W would definitely say that if the baby is at all cranky, needs to be held, she should already be in bed.

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