Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Changes Everything

So, we tweaked Toth's sleep schedule just a little and it seems to have helped a lot: I started putting him down at 7 instead of 6, and so far it's been 3 nights of falling right to sleep with no crying. There has still been crying at some of his naps, but not all.
So who wants to talk about that? Let's talk about this: Nutmeg is now old enough to play Monopoly.
This changes everything. Epu and I love to play board games. We have these three little sprogs in the house, and sure they bring lots of joy, yadda yadda yadda, but mostly it's a whole lot of hard labor to care for them while they play and we never get to play anything ourselves. Right?
Now, one of our sprogs has finally morphed into an opponent.
Nutmeg and I played a full game of Monopoly this afternoon. Actually, it was Whovilleopoly, a Grinch-themed version, which we bought with store credit at our local children's consignment shop. But the rules were the same.
Nutmeg has everything to learn in terms of Monopoly strategy, but she grasped the rules of the game pretty well and counted out change when buying property like a pro. I actually have memories of playing Monopoly as a kid with kids who needed a lot more help than she does right now.
Super fun! She can play Carcassonne pretty well now, too.


Sara said...

how fun! i love to play board games with gracie. yahtzee is one of her current favs, but we are gonna have to try monopoly. will fit well now since they are learning to count money in school.

Bert said...

Hooray for Toth sleeping and super yippee for Nutmeg and her board games! That will be such a blast!

lwwb said...

Carrie: should have followed our schedule 7 to 7 is the best for babies and then it becomes 7:30 to 6:30...:-)

Kori said...

EJ loves Carcasonne, although I must admit we tweak it for her attention span. Now we have one more thing to offer them at playdates. So funny.

I've been thinking about the Nut quite a bit this week, as one of the books that EJ brought for her trip is "Ramona the Pest," and I can't think of any other kid aside from Nutmeg that would pick that at this age. The funny thing: our kid is not yet convinced she has to read the whole book in order, and reads random chapters.