Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pebbles' Big Day

Yesterday Pebbles asked me several times, "Is it tomorrow?"
This morning when I got up she ran up to me and announced, "It's tomorrow!"
She started her third birthday by opening a gift from her sister, a book, which Nutmeg then read to her. After she opened our present, Epu took the girls out to breakfast at the restaurant of Pebbles' choice (The Buzz Cafe) so I could straighten up the house while Toth napped. Apparently they stopped to play in the yard first. Yep, in their jammies.

When they got back we all rushed off to Ridgeland Common, where we'd rented out the indoor playground for a joint birthday party for Pebbles and her friend, who was born two days before her back in 2007.
Here's Pebbles with another friend, EJ, and her "Purple Plastic Purse Cake," which Pebbles made with Epu yesterday:

After that we went back to our house with both sets of grandparents and EJ's family and watched Pebbles open her gifts. By that time Epu and I were bushed, but Pebbles and Nutmeg were literally bouncing off the furniture after all the excitement.

While climbing up onto the couch cushions, Pebbles turned to me and asked, "Is it Valentine's Day now?"

See, I'd told her Valentine's Day came after her birthday, and now that her party was over, naturally, Valentine's Day must have arrived. I told her next week, and tomorrow morning I fully expect her to wake up and ask, "Is it next week now?"

p.s. I guess it's safe to report at this point that Pebbles is now potty trained. Since we had no school on Martin Luther King Day, I decided to try the one-day potty training technique, complete with a phone call from "Santa" (Epu, from his cell phone hiding in a closet at work so his coworkers wouldn't hear and mock him.) By the end of the day she was doing pretty well, although not so well that she didn't appreciate follow-up calls of encouragement from both Snow White and Sleeping Beauty -- and after a few days with the occasional accident she was wearing her princess underpants with confidence. Today she even left her party to go downstairs and use a dreaded full-size public toilet. That's my 3 year old!


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Pebbles!!

Geez, where does the time go?

Andi said...

I've been following your blog since I was pregnant, and I frequently am inspired by your posts to write ones of my own.

With that said.. I'm glad to hear about the one day technique! My sister is going to attempt it, and its good to know its worked for somebody!