Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Parenting Trifecta ... (Warning. This post is gross.)

Is when you have bodily fluids spewing from all three of your kids on the same day! Here's a fun game: See if you can match the kid to the fluid (you'll have to print this out and draw pencil lines from the name to the fluid):

Nutmeg blood
Pebbles snot
Toth vomit, diarhea

(spoilers below)

So, yeah. Last night Pebbles refused any dinner and with her that usually means she'll be puking till morning. Sure enough, last night after the girls were in bed I heard poor Pebbles moaning in bed with a tummyache. This time she threw in the other end of things which is super fun when you're newly potty trained! Usually she feels better by noon but today it took until around 5 p.m. for her to keep down a couple of Pedialyte popsicles and then some Ritz crackers with peanut butter and jelly.
Around midday, I put Toth in the middle of a king sized bed covered with laundry I was folding. I know, I know, what is with the amateur mom moves around here lately? But he was being fussy and I wanted to let him watch the ceiling fan. I had actually tried putting him in his Pack n Play to do that but he fussed. So I put him on the bed, step away ONE SECOND to put something in a drawer, and BAM! Faceplant on floor, and my little boy had his first bloody nose.
Nutmeg had been a little sniffly today, but she went to a birthday party this afternoon. On the way back I heard her cough once or twice, so I announced it was time to get out her lavage kit. This is a squirt bottle and a recipe for saline solution that I got from our allergy/asthma specialist. She's supposed to use this at the first congestion to see if we can prevent the cold from settling in her lungs for all eternity.
Well, you can imagine how fun it is for a 5-year-old to have salt water squirted up her nose. She actually started at it rather cheerfully, having seen how much her Grammy seemed to enjoy the procedure. But as soon as she felt water squirt up her nose she was less enthusiastic, and I don't blame her. Between Epu and me, over two sessions, we managed to help her get a couple ounces in there. Most of the salt water and snot came out her mouth, though, not the other nostril.
You know you probably have more children than you can handle when you want to put your jeans through the sanitary cycle on the washer, but you can't because there is already a sanitary cycle running from the last disaster.
Which makes me wonder, how did mothers survive back before washers with a sanitary cycle? Before (gasp) washing machines? You hear a lot about children dying of illness back in the olden days, but how horrible must have been an ordinary stomach bug running through your 13 children with no indoor plumbing? The mind reels.
And yeah, my one of my tatas still hurts, although I feel better otherwise and last night I had at least a good night of sleep, not fever dream crazy restless sleep like the previous two nights. Toth slept much better too, which makes me wonder if maybe I was tossing and turning and waking him up without realizing it before.
As if our Sunday wasn't traumatic enough for everyone already, after nursing Toth to sleep tonight at 6:30 he woke up being laid down in the crib and wouldn't go back to sleep. I decided (since I was sure he didn't sustain a head injury in his little fall after observing him for hours) to follow Dr. Weissbluth's advice and let him "put himself to sleep."
He cried for about 90 minutes. Oh man, why did I go there after a day like that? Even though he's been sleeping peacefully for 2.5 hours since, I feel guilty that I put him through that.

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Sara said...

wow. wish i lived a little closer so i could offer you a much-needed break. :-( hope things are much better today.