Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aw, Man ... Mastitis

I have spent five years of my life breastfeeding, and yet I'd never contracted mastitis ... until this week. I went to bed after watching Evan Lysacek win the gold (he's from Naperville!), and I noticed that I might have a blocked duct in one side, but I figured that if I made sure to use that side when Toth nursed during the night, it would get better.
I slept for maybe an hour, and then I woke up shivering. My teeth were chattering so hard that I put the blanket between my jaws. It was weird because I didn't have a fever at that time. The pain in my boob intensified. Epu brought me some ibuprofin and I slept fitfully. For some reason Toth woke up lots of times that night; he usually sleeps straight through from about 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. or so, but that night it seemed like he was up on the hour. Breastfeeding was painful but I knew the best thing was to keep doing it, so I fed him every time he woke up. Even nursing on the other side was painful because it hurt just to change positions and prop myself up with pillows and nurse. And inevitably he would bump or grab the other side. Nursing on the affected side was so excruciating I'm afraid I cried out and woke Epu every time.
Oh, and then there was that one time during the night when I got up and barfed my brains out. That was fun.
In the morning Epu took my temperature -- 101.6. The mastitis boob was all red on one side. He called our doctor and she called in an antibiotic prescription to our CVS. He wasn't able to pick up the scrip until about 10 a.m., for which I am very grateful because that meant he hung around until 10 so I could get some extra sleep.
We had plans yesterday -- my brother's girlfriend and her daughter were coming to visit -- so by 11 I pulled myself together and went to pick up Nutmeg at school. I felt not so bad most of the day, although the boob still hurt pretty bad.
For most of the day, I was all right. Kind of felt like morning sickness all over; lethargic, no appetite, but able to function. (And no, I'm not pregnant again!) But at around 6:30 p.m., I was just done. We had taken the kids to the ice rink and then bought them some dinner, and as the kids were eating I just wanted to lie down on a bench and sleep. I ordered a piece of pizza but couldn't eat it. Once we got home, I crashed by 8:30 and had another fitful night.
Today I'm feeling more normal; hopefully those antibiotics are doing their work. I don't know why this happened; Epu thinks it might be because I cleaned out a drain that first evening with this cool thing called a Zip-It and some environmentally friendly drain cleaner with bacillus. I don't know about that -- I washed my hands, after all. I guess it just happened.


Bert said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about the mastitis. I know how painful it is! And it hurts to nurse not only because of the infection, but because, when you have a fever, your skin just feels weird. Bleh! Glad it's feeling better. I woke up with a clogged duct this morning, and it has yet to resolve despite my hot compressing, pumping, and massaging. And the little one has not yet sucked it out. Thanks for the reminder to continue to work on it!

susiej said...

That is so painful! Glad you got some meds... I got it with my third, not first or second and I think it's because we're so busy, that we don't realize we haven't "drained." I was up and down, in the middle of nursing, way more with the third than with the first two -- and we're so naturally confident after nursing two babies!

Sara said...

oh man...i remember mastitis well, and it was the sickest i had been in years. what we go through for these kids!!! thank goodness for meds.