Friday, January 08, 2010

Schools Closing Due to Weather, Under the

I was kind of hoping that maybe Oak Park would have its schools closing due to weather today. I pictured putting the baby down for his morning nap and then bringing the girls outside to build a snowman and do some frolicking.

Well, the schools are open here -- since there isn't much bussing in our district I imagine it takes more than a few inches of snow to shut down these schools. (The local high school did have a school delay. Blueblood wusses, eh?)

School is open but Nutmeg is home anyway. She was acting sluggish at breakfast so I sent her back to bed. Sure enough, barfing soon ensued. One great thing about 5-year-olds is that they can get themselves to the toilet, wipe their mouths and noses afterwards, flush and wash their hands. In fact, Nutmeg is such a funny little thing that she didn't even want us to know she barfed. She likes her privacy.

So instead of frolicking in the snow, the girls are upstairs watching TV. Pebbles is fine but she made it clear that she'd rather sit around in a Pull-Up and the patchwork snuggie Epu made her for Christmas than put on a snowsuit.
(Here is a pic of Nutmeg in the homemade Snuggie, taken on Xmas morning.)

I pretended to be disappointed, because I thought they should want to play in the snow. But let's be honest here -- I'm quite happy in my slipper socks with a cup of coffee and a warm computer.

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