Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread in da House

Nutmeg has had a mysterious illness; she's been lounging around and napping a lot without much interest in activities or food. Since she hasn't felt like leaving the house, that means of course that all three kids and me have been stuck inside as the snow swirled outside and the hours tick down until Christmas. On Sunday I bought a plain gingerbread house at Dominick's, and then I stared at it sitting there all blank and sad for two days because Nutmeg was not up to decorating it with me.

Then, this afternoon, just as I had gotten Toth and Pebbles down for naps and was ready for a couple of hours of hard-core accomplishment, I heard a strange sound coming from the TV room. It was Nutmeg, playing Hungry Hippoes with herself. Interested in play? This was a new development.

After a bowl of soup and a piece of toast, Nutmeg was even energized enough to tackle the gingerbread house. I made her scrub her hands, brush her teeth and use mouthwash to de-germ herself as much as possible, and then we set to work sorting through leftover Halloween candy for decorations.

Since Pebbles never really went to sleep at naptime, she soon joined in.

Sadly I didn't get a picture of Nutmeg's side of the roof before my camera ran out of battery; her side was really pretty. Pebbles' side? I love the big square of Hershey's dangling of the roof like some shingles whipped loose in one of those gingerbread hurricanes. But hey, she's 2 and she did it by herself.

Today Pebbles and I also made a pan of peanut-butter chocolate "Delight," some kind of dessert bars from a kit. Yesterday, we made peppermint bark. After bedtime tonight, I whipped up a batch of gingerbread dough and then, when I got to the end of the recipe and realized that it didn't even call for friggin' molasses, I made a second batch with a real recipe.

Then again, next time when I do the more normal thing and forget to buy molasses, I know I have a recipe that can deal with that situation.

Merry Christmas!

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