Saturday, November 07, 2009

Miss Crankypants

Pebbles may have had the swine flu this week. All I know is, she started to come down with something on Friday, when she coughed a little and cheerfully told me she needed to go to "the coughing doctor."
That was the last cheerful thing we heard out of her until yesterday.
She coughed, she developed a fever, she refused what tiny bits of food she usually ingests, but worst of all -- for us -- she turned into a raging bee-yatch. I mean, really, you could not be around this kid for 5 minutes without your brain boiling and escaping from your ears in the form of vapor.
OK, that was hyperbole. It's what I WISH had happened to me when the cranky first started because with no brain, I'd have been insensible to the extreme annoyance of listening to a tiny person try to order me around and crumpling into pitious tears anytime my responses betrayed the tiniest bit of annoyance.
Yesterday, Pebbles woke up MUCH better: sort of hungry, with enough energy to walk down the stairs and play on the playground, and back to her old cheerful self. She even made it through a quick trip to Jewel with me and her siblings without a meltdown. She helped Nutmeg run all the groceries for my latest deal through the self checkout.
We were so happy and relieved to get our old Pebbles back. At naptime and bedtime, the crankiness returned, but we just solved that be putting her to bed.
Or so we thought. Last night it took her hours to get to sleep -- my fault; I let her nap for four hours instead of her usual three because I felt like she needed the rest -- and this morning she woke up back on the cranky train.
So what did Epu and I do with her? We dumped her on a neighbor. Actually, we had already planned to have one of the moms in our coop babysit the girls for 3 hours so we could go to this big furniture sale. I considered cancelling when I saw what a snot Pebbles was being, but I honsetly felt like I could not withstand one more morning of the Toddler From Hell without doing something unspeakable like buying 40 rolls of paper towels and 24 cans of soup and using them to build a pyramid on my dining room table. And, to be honest, I had already done that.

So we dumped the kids, hit the sale, which did not really live up to its hype, and treated ourselves to breakfast out at a sunny sidewalk table in Bucktown*. Paradise.
Paradise, that is, until Epu called to let them know we'd be half an hour late, and asked if they were behaving OK. Apparently Epu had dropped the girls off without a single word of warning, so my poor neighbor was baffled trying to deal with all the fire and brimstone shooting out of my kid's mouth.

"Finally we gave her a lollipop and she was quiet for awhile," my neighbor told him.

So we hastily finished our meal and hurried back to pick up our hellchild and put her down for a nap. I have maybe 3 hours until it all starts again.

Only 10 months until we can enroll her in preschool!

* While in Bucktown, we stopped into a hip salon because I wanted to see if they might have had a cancellation to open a slot for them to chop all my hair off. They didn't, but they complimented me on my new boots and asked where I got them. That pretty much made my day, cranky toddler or not. Walking away from that salon, I was all like, "I'm a suburban matron. And they like my boots!"
Best $99 I ever spent.


Helen said...

Not sure your stance on flu shots and swine flu shots, but have you had any experience calling the county for it? I will try Monday...doubt they have any left, though.

Bert said...

Poor Pebbles and poor other members of the family! Sounds like nobody else has picked it up yet, though! I love your colorful descriptions in this post. :)

And... totally hot boots!

Kori said...

Cranky kids are the worst, and given the fact that I cannot imagine Pebbles without a smile on her face, I'd have to imagine that on the rare occasion she goes to the dark side, she goes hard.

Sara said...

pretty sure i would have been at the end of my rope with it, too. hopefully she is feeling much better.

and i'm with bert...those boots are HOT.

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