Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fake Halloween Pictures

You know the Peter Principle? How people usually get promoted to their level of incompetence? That definitely applies to parenthood. We (or at least the foolish among us) keep having kids until we finally have more than we can handle, and then, mercifully, we stop.

Case in point: Halloween. I was just competent enough a mom to get all 3 of my kids (and Kitt Kittredge and myself) into costumes, but apparently not competent enough to get photos of all of them. At the end of the day, when the kids were all de-costumed and asleep, I realized that I had not taken a single snapshot of the baby on his very first Halloween.

(That's right, Future-Toth. I just handed you a very big piece of ammunition. Maybe I'll present you with this post on your 13th birthday, just when you're desperate for more evidence that Mom and Dad suck with a capital S.)

Toth's costume was nothing but a sleeper with a lion on it, and every time he has worn it since Halloween, I've said, "We should really take a picture of him in that so we can remember his Very First Halloween."

Today, Epu put the sleeper on him, and it barely fits. Having procrastinated until the absolute last minute, I took this fake Halloween pics:

I know, right? What a babe. He deserves better parents, but, since we're stuck together, he might as well settle in and enjoy the entertainment.


Sara said...

oh! he is a doll! thanks for sharing!!

Notta Wallflower said...

Too funny. In these pics, he looks more like Nutmeg. He has changed so much!

Bert said...

So cute! He's getting to be such a little person! I especially love his little smile. :)