Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday: Just a Little Tip for You All

I usually confine my posts about hot deals to my other blog, Frugalista, and the fun personal finance blog Wise Bread. But today, on Cyber Monday, I learned about a deal so hot I wanted to share it here too:
Get gift cards for at 30% off, today only, by following the instructions on my Wise Bread post. You have to post about it on Facebook to get the 30% deal; if you're not on Facebook, you can get a 15% discount instead. is a new Web site that sells diapers, toilet paper and other necessities online, with free shipping. Like regular stores, you can use coupons -- in fact they have the coupons there for you so you don't even have to hunt them down or clip them. They also have sales, although they're kind of like lighting deals -- in fact, while I was writing this, a certain size Huggies went on sale for 12% off.
Once this summer a bunch of preschool moms and I were sitting around the playground wishing there were a drive-through store for toilet paper, diapers and milk. Well, doesn't sell milk, but otherwise it's better than a drivethrough.
Anyway, the links in this post are my affiliate links, so if you sign up with today through this site, I'll earn a commission every time you shop there. Regardless of whether you use my links or not, I really think these gift cards are an outstanding deal -- it's free money! I outlined on Wise Bread how using gift cards purchased today would allow you to buy diapers at the rock bottom prices I usually pay, but without doing any of the work I have put in to get the good deals.
The gift cards you get are real, plastic cards, so they would make good gifts, too.
By the way, I just noticed that my Wise Bread post has been Tweeted and Digged and all that good stuff many times already -- that's exciting because it means a lot of people will see it and sign up through my affiliate link, generating money for me that I can spend on I may never have to pay for diapers again! Oh, and I just found out that if you use my link, after you spend $50 you'll get a $10 credit to your account.
Oh, two other bits of self-promotion and I'm off to, what a coincidence, change a diaper: I've been posting about other Cyber Monday deals all day on Frugalista, and tomorrow I'm giving a workshop at Parenthesis in Oak Park. Contact me asap if you are local and want to attend the workshop.

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