Monday, November 02, 2009

An Almost Perfect Halloween

Regular readers here know that Nutmeg loves Halloween even better than Christmas or her birthday. Halloween is IT, as far as she's concerned. She generally begins discussing next year's costume around Nov. 2 and plots her entertaining and decorating plans for the holiday throughout the year.
This year our celebration started a couple weeks ago when Epu carved the girls' designs into their pumpkins (I don't know why my camera is taking such hazy pics; I have tried cleaning the lens with a cotton cloth.)

Then Nutmeg made and distributed invitations to a Halloween party to six of her new school friends. Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, I thought this was a great idea -- kill a couple of hours of the long wait for trick-or-treating to start.
On Friday, Nutmeg's school had the traditional Halloween parade. Usually all the kids march around the school grounds; we'd been over there to see it when she was a preschooler. This year it was pouring so they had to parade around the gym, which was fine.
When I saw Nutmeg marching, she looked surprisingly subdued. When I picked her up from school a couple hours later, she said she wanted to take a nap. She slept for three hours and by the time she woke up, she was, you guessed it, burning up with fever.
She burst into tears when I felt her head and insisted that she felt fine. After she went to bed, Epu and I held a little conference in the kitchen. We knew we should probably notify the other parents now that our 11 a.m. party would be cancelled. And yet, what if Nutmeg woke up in the morning chipper and fever free? That kind of thing has happened to her before.
On one hand, I worried that even if she was better she might still be contagious if she wasn't fever-free for 24 hours before being with other kids. On the other hand, everyone at school seemed to be getting sick anyway -- would taking precautions really be worth it when these kids were exposed to each other every day anyway?
We decided, a little guiltily, to hold off on calling the parents. I slept fitfully, because I felt so bad that it looked like Nutmeg would miss all the festivities on her favorite holiday. And also because Toth keeps waking me up for marathon nursing sessions.
At 3 a.m. I crept into her room and felt her head. She was still hot. She felt my hand on her forhead and growled, "Mom, I'm fine!" without even opening her eyes.
Five hours later, we woke up and found a chipper, fever-free Nutmeg all ready to get ready for her party. So we had it. The refreshments were mummy dogs, "spooks on a stick" and "candy ants on a log," a Nutmeg invention.

In true Nutmeg style, there was of course a pinata.

Partway through the party, one of the guests developed the same symptoms Nutmeg had had yesterday -- she became mopy and lethargic and spent most of the party in an armchair under a blanket. Her mom called later with profuse apologies and reported that she had a fever. Pebbles was struck after getting her Dorothy costume on and came home to hit the couch after trick-or-treating at about 2 houses.
So, you know, if/when the other 2 kids who were at the party get sick, it _might_ not be our fault.
At least Nutmeg and Pebbles were both well enough to pose for pictures:

We dressed Toth up as the Cowardly Lion, but I think I was getting him dressed when this picture was taken. Yep, not only do we spread contagion among local children, we failed to take a picture of our son on his first Halloween. Don't worry, I have a plan: Next time he wears his lion sleeper, I'll snap a picture and no one will be the wiser.
Except you. Please don't tell anyway, kay Internet?


Bert said...

Great photos! It looks like so much fun! I love group costumes, too! So cool that you have a team of your own kids to dress up. :)

I hope everyone is feeling much better now!

Sara said...

wow, i can't believe how much pebbles has changed in the past couple of months. she looks all grown up! adorable costumes, btw.

hope everyone is healthy!

Artist4life925 said...

They're so cute! Hopefully by now the sickness is all gone and the household is healthy! Sounds like your camera may have some water between the lenses and its fogging them up. No idea how to fix it however, maybe take it apart?