Thursday, October 29, 2009

Toth Is Now a Regular Baby, Level 2

Toth turned 3 months old and overnight he moved to the next stage. He's no longer a snuggleworm, he's a little guy looking all around and trying to grab things and trying sooo hard to crawl that it just breaks your heart. I want to tell him, "Baby, take it easy! You have a couple of months before you can reasonably expect to start hauling that body across the floor." But he's all like, I need to move across this floor NOW, TODAY. Oh, toddlerhood will be fun with this one, won't it?

He's leveled up, as his video-game making daddy would say.

He has been concentrating really hard on trying to get his little fist to touch my face. I thought, "Oh, my sweet boy wants to lovingly stroke the cheek of this mama who has been caring for him round the clock his entire life."


Finally yesterday he succeeded in his endeavor: He grabbed my glasses off my face.

Oh yeah, right. For a second I had forgotten that baby's world is all about baby. And all babies yearn to hold eyeglasses in their hands.

Maybe I should start wearing some of those disposable contacts sitting in my medicine cabinet.

Also, I've got a yen to get my hair cut short, short, short. I'm talking this short. He's already grabbed it a couple of times, and I am not into the prospect of six months or a year of hair pulling.

Toth is also carrying on little conversations with people and laughing and laughing. I brought him to a little talk for parents of gifted children the other night, and Miss Lori (formerly of PBS Kids) was there, and that woman had him going on and on as if he was watching a Three Stooges movie.

Everywhere I go with him now, people remark how bright-eyed and alert he is, and they can't believe he's only 3 months.

The only thing he doesn't have going on is a nice sleep schedule. I take that back -- he'll sleep almost whenever I want him to as long as he's slung across my chest with his mouth attached to my boob. That's where he is right now, in fact. But lay him down in a lovely little basinnette, and it's so not on. Day or night. He's taken to spending a lot of the night in our bed instead of in the co-sleeper right next to it. And I wouldn't mind that so much if it weren't for the extremely long nursing sessions he wants to include in our nighttime schedule.

So, there. I've complained about Toth's sleep habits in the hope that the Blog Effect will swoop in and immediately change them. For the BETTER, please, Oh Might Blog Effect.

Why do I have a feeling I'm about to swap quiet nights of less than ideal sleep with 8 hours of screaming while it's dark out?

Anyway, Toth, you get an A+ for your first post-fourth-trimester level. Keep up the good work.


Sara said...

get the hair cut. doooo it. i cut mine EVEN shorter than it was at the kebab-a-thon and i love it.

oh, and toth is just getting cuter by the day, as if that was even possible. :-)

Bert said...

What a CUTE baby! And I thought you couldn't make them any cuter! Second, totally cut your hair! It would look excellent with your fine European features!

Notta Wallflower said...

Toth is very cute - I can see his personality in the recent pictures. As far as cutting your hair short, I don't think you'll regret it. I sometimes even want mine shorter. Worst case scenario, it takes a while to grow back out. Although if you're still on prenatal vitamins, it might go quicker.