Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel Prize: How Much Does It Suck That His Mom Is Dead?

Just last night we were watching Dr. Who as I dandled Toth on my lap. As Dr. Who explained that he needed to change his hot chick sidekick once a year not because he's a horny old goat but because he's dealing with the angst of immortality, I thought about something that doubtless bothers every parent: That if everything goes the absolute best that can be expected, my kids will leave on for years after I die and I will MISS things.
The thought makes me wish I could believe in a heaven from which I could watch all proceedings on earth as if I were in a really high balcony seat.
And oh man, I wish for Barack Obama's mom that there really was such a thing as "watching from above." First black president? Nobel Peace Prize? It's like she left a football game early and her team went on to break every record in the history of sports. Except way bigger than that.
Like, I can imagine Barack's mom hanging out in heaven, asking new arrivals: Did I miss anything good? Any news about my kids?
Out of pity, they'd have to say, "Oh, nothing much."
On another note, President Obama getting the Nobel Prize so soon makes me think of what I've learned about gifted kids in school. How achieving every award there is to get right out of the box can be kind of a let-down. I hope it doesn't get to him -- like what is he supposed to pursue once his eight years are up, a second Nobel Peace Prize?
Then again, he has puh-lenty of challenges laid out for him in the here and now. I guess all that's left is to solve every horrible problem facing our country and the world.
That's all.


Sara said...

oddly enough, i have been thinking a lot about this very thing since aaron and i are flying to florida at the end of the month. as you know, i am TERRIFIED of flying and i'm certain that i am going to die every time that i board a plane. but this time it's less about my perceived potential of actually dying and more about missing my kids' lives. i can't bear to think about missing out on my kids' "big moments". or even the little ones, for that matter.

anyhoo, GooooooooooooooooooObama!!

lwwb said...

yah, I always get sad when I think I probally will never be around to see my daughters to be the first asian decent to win the Presidency or other such awars. I just hope I live to 100, then I can see most.

feefifoto said...

First, I felt the same way when he was elected less than a week after his grandmother died. I felt like sending a note telling him I was proud of him on behalf of his mother and grandmother.

Second, not that I'm belittling him for receiving the award so soon into his first year, but I see this prize as primarily a well deserved slap in the face at George Bush and his administration, and I'd bet Obama and his people might feel the same way. Whatever. More power to him and I'm grateful to him just for promoting the image of the US as a constructive member of the world community rather than the playground bully.