Friday, October 23, 2009

Fwendly Pebbles

Can you believe these two kids were born the same week? To be fair, I think Pebbles' "best fwend" on the right may be sitting on her knees, but still. Pebbles is a midget.
A friendly midget. Everywhere we go, she's telling me that kids she plays with or sometimes even complete strangers are her fwends. She is full of complimentary gossip about her fwends, frequently noting that they are nice to her. Pebbles went a step further after this fwend -- let's call her Jeb -- went home.
While Jeb was visiting with her family, good friends of ours, she casually showed Pebbles the waistband of her brand new underpants. That's right, Jeb has successfully been potty trained.
That evening, Pebbles was using the potty, something she does sometimes several times a day now despite her total lack of interest in staying dry between visits.
"Jeb is my best fwend," she declared from her throne. "She showed me how to use the potty."
After a few minutes quiet contemplation, she added, "Jeb potty trained me."
Oh that it were. Nutmeg was potty trained by this age -- Pebbles is 2 and 2/3 now. But every day of Pebbles life shows me just how much two sisters in the same family can differ.
The nicest stamp that Pebbles puts on toddlerhood is how nice and social she is. At this age, Nutmeg had trouble playing with other kids. She'd want the play area all to herself, no matter if we were in a public place -- and she'd make a "growling face" at any kid who dared enter her turf. Once I dropped her off at a playschool and took baby Pebbles down the block with my laptop to a cafe. Within half an hour, the teacher had called me back because Nutmeg had gotten into a fight with a boy.
Pebbles, on the other hand, plays at the local drop-in play center three times a week, and has never had an incident with another kid. According to her, they are all her fwends and are nice to her.
I've been enjoying spending one-on-one time with Pebbles since Nutmeg went off to school. Well, Toth is with us too, but he doesn't butt into the conversation much.
As Nutmeg comes home full of spelling and writing and school library books, Pebbles has experienced a surge in interest in these things too. She loves to turn the pages of books and "read" them out loud, she makes valiant attempts to sing the ABCs, and she can count to something like 12 or 13.
She's also a pretty competent child at practical skills, washing her hands with soap and drying them on her own, brushing her teeth, putting on her own shoes, and -- my favorite -- taking a wet diaper off her own butt, throwing it in the trash, and bringing me a fresh one to put on her. And of course she loves to help me -- every time she sees Toth on the changing table she charges over to hand me a diaper.
I can barely write all this about Pebbles without running across the hall to kiss her about a thousand times in her sleep. She's such a huggable little moppet, despite all the contrariness and melodrama that goes with being 2.
It's parental taboo to typecast your children, but it's also impossible not to, as far as I know. So I'll go ahead and share my image of these two sisters 10 or 12 years from now. Nutmeg is the brainy kid who, like so many brains might have social problems or might be tight with a small group of artsy rebels. Pebbles is the bubbly one with all the friends, maybe is on the cheer squad (she has such great balance) or in sports, gets good grades but isn't exactly reading Nietzche at the lunch table.
I could be so wrong, in fact I hope I'm wrong in lots of ways because watching the surprising ways that things turn out is one of the only dividends this gruelling parenting gig pays. But I don't think I'm wrong in thinking that anyone who meets Pebbles at anytime in her life is going to want to be her fwend.


Sara said...

she is really such a sweetheart and those EYES are adorable!!

i laughed out loud at the nickname "Jeb". clever.

Carrie said...

Of course, calling her Jeb means he poor little sister has to be George.

lwwb said...

not, luckily JEB little sister is called ARB. Yah, I always type JEB and not her full name...tho when I first started to use JEB, I always thought her with a southern accent and gaps in her teeth :-D. I am glad Pebbles think JEB is her Fwend...I just wish JEB will talk about friends instead of potty/poopie/pee 24/7

Carrie said...

Then I shall call her Arby. Or perhaps Miss Yummy Roast Beef. ;-)

I totally forgot to mention that Pebbles has discovered the humor value in bodily functions in a big way. Recently when I asked Toth if he was Mr. Smiley Pants, she broke in with, "No, he's Mr. Poopy Pants!" Unfortunately I cracked up, so now she too thinks she should talk about poop all the time.

Bert said...

Poop talk is funny. I don't care how old you are. :)