Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Do.Art.

Because I am never wordless, here's a word of explanation: Nutmeg made this and put

it on the hallway wall. In case you can't see the lettering, it says "Do.Art." I think she was pretending to be her art teacher from school.

I kind of want to laminate my wall so this thing stays up forever. For one thing, I just like it. For another, it reminds me of when you look at modern art and go, "My kid could have done that."

My kid DID do that.

Oh, and here's something I did: A Babble article posted today wondering whether Mommybloggers are out-of-control cry-babies or the new corporate titans. Or both?

I interviewed Heather Armstrong again for the piece, and it was the first -- and hopefully last -- time I ever started an interview with, "Sorry to hear about your shingles."


Bert said...

Cpu! You totally rock! I love your article! :)

Sara said...

Loved the article...very interesting and well-written!

Zeecon said...

Ha, I actually read that article the other day, and came over here to see that you were the one that wrote it, I hadn't realized. Very good article!

Notta Wallflower said...

Good article! I enjoyed it. Not sure what to think, exactly. Speaking as a consumer, and not just a mom, though, I think that it's not a horrible thing to have such a public and widespread forum for products and services. We have one here - Michael Finney of ABC 7. I always shake my head because normal people can get jerked around from companies for quite some time, then it just takes one call from Michael Finney, because they don't want bad publicity. Why does it have to come to this at all?