Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sometimes Even Nutmeg Doesn't Feel Like a Nut

When I was planning my trip to San Francisco to help celebrate the impending arrival of Bert & Bryan's baby, I waffled on whether to bring Nutmeg. Toth had to come with me, of course, but I thought it would be nice to have an otherwise kid-free weekend. And Epu's parents were coming anyway to babysit Pebbles.

But, then, Nutmeg pined to see her friend Eliot. Eliot and his parents pined for Nutmeg. What clinched it is when I realized that my planned visit coincided with Eliot's 5th birthday. How could I not bring his babyhood friend?

So I bought a $250 plane ticket for the Nut and instructed her to pack a backpack of in-flight activities.

She was a perfect angel during the flights there and back. She wore flip flops and was therefore able to scoot easily in and out of her shoes at security. She actually helped a lot, pushing the stroller or rolling a suitcase when needed. She handled her disappointment at not being able to sit by the window on the plane, and she kept herself occupied with the books and toys she'd brought.

While in San Francisco, we went out to lunch together at one of my old favorite restaurants, and I had to admit it was better than eating alone. It was almost like eating out with a girlfriend.

Am I glad I brought her? Not at all.

Those moments I just described were the good parts. Most of the other parts of our four day stay, Nutmeg was either vomiting or asleep. I guess she picked up a bug on the plane. While I'm not generally one to complain about a kid who sleeps too much, it sort of kept me from going out and revisiting any of my beloved Bay Area spots. My hosts, Eliot's parents, were gracious enough to keep an eye on sleepy, barfy Nutmeg while I co-hosted Bert's (super-fun) shower, but on most of Sunday I felt it best if I stuck around. Every once in awhile she'd wake up and cry for me. Eliot's mom and I did get out for a couple hours Sunday afternoon to shop in Japantown, but that was it. Then there was the fact that I got even less sleep than usual, since sick Nutmeg wanted to be near mommy and that meant sharing a twin-sized bed with her.

$500. Ten hours of travel. Mostly to just barf in a toilet on the other side of the country. We have one of those at home!

While I was gone Sunday afternoon, Nutmeg woke up and felt great. She spent those hours playing with Eliot and his dad, and these moments defined her memory of the whole trip. When we got home and Epu asked her how the trip had been, she said:

"Great! Eliot's dad carried us around the apartment on his shoulders!"

Because of her persistent lack of consciousness, I got very few photos of Nutmeg in San Fran. Here's one, though:
Yeah, pretty cute.

And sure, I was pretty happy to reconnect with Keith and Kay and Eliot too. And I love hanging out in their San Francisco neighborhood. Here is where I'm supposed to say that it was all worth it, despite the mess and trouble and expense, because of all the love and friendship involved.

I can't say it. Despite Nutmeg's two hours of fun (@ $125 an hour!) I wish I hadn't brought her. I'm not blaming her for ruining my trip with her insolent barfing; I'm AWARE that she couldn't help it. I didn't even spank her for it! But I'll tell you what: Any trip is better without barf. And that's the truth.


Sara said...

agreed. barf can suck it.

sorry you had to deal with all the vomit and stuff on your trip!! at least it sounds like the shower was fun...

Jeevita said...

I read this post about barf and then happen to glance at the sidebar and there is a link to the Bloggess post titled 'Happy Vomit Day, y'all'.


Bert said...

Amen, sister! Glad to hear she perked up at the end, so that she could, at least, enjoy Eliot a little bit.