Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pebbles and Toth

So it's been a week now that Nutmeg is in school all day and Pebbles, Toth and I are on our own. Yes, I have the luxury of toddling around town with just my two more difficult children.
But actually, it IS much easier. Nutmeg is the one with all the opinions and the attitude, the one who digs in her heels when I say "Let's go to Kmart and shop Super Doubles." Pebbles is already learning to play more independently, and anyway 2 days a week (3 starting the week after Labor Day), she is in her classroom at Parenthesis all morning and at least trying to nap in the afternoon.

So yesterday I took Pebbles and Toth to the doctor. Once again, the doctor failed to find anything wrong with them. Which is good because both of their factory warranties have expired. Here are their stats:

Toth: 10 pounds, 13 oz. and 23 inches long. I thought he was a big baby, but I jus plugged this into an growth chart calculator and it says 5th percentile. What? He looks so chubby to me! He eats all the time, although he does spit up a lot. But we may have made progress against the spit-up today -- I cut dairy out of my diet and what do you know? He's sleeping peacefully on my chest right now instead of fussing and spitting up.

His length is between the 25th and 50th percentile.

Pebbles: 24 1/4 pounds. I can't remember what her height was and can't find the paper where I jotted it down right now, but we all know she doesn't exactly tower over other 2-year-olds, or even over 1-year-olds.

All of their milestones check out great. The only weird thing the doc noticed is that Toth always turns his head to the left. I thought this was a reflex, but the doc says it's because I sleep on his left side -- he's in the co-sleeper just to the right of the bed. So now I'm supposed to put him in the co-sleeper so his head is where his feet normally are so he'll turn to the right sometimes and won't end up looking like Quasimodo by the time he gets to kindergarten.

Although she's SO happy to see Nutmeg each day when we pick her up from school -- there's usually a Casablanca-length embrace outside the school doors -- Pebbles seems to be thriving on the time she spends with just me and Toth. She loves making the baby smile, which is very easy to do -- laugh or smile around him and he busts out that goofy smile. She would love to carry and hold him if I let her, but usually contents herself at putting a blanket on him, waking him up at inappropriate times, and crooning his name into his face until he either smiles or cries. Oh, and she also fetches diapers and burp cloths like a champ.


Notta Wallflower said...

Pebbles looks so cute in the dress we got her. I'm glad she can wear it. Sounds like things are settling. :-)

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, she LOVES that dress and it really suits her coloring. Thanks!

Sara said...

interesting...i just plugged harrison's weight into that calculator that you linked to, and it says he's in the 53rd percentile. our pediatrician told us he's in the 72nd percentile. i suspect maybe something's wonky with the online calculator???

lwwb said...

doctors use line charts so it is more estimation. online calculator is more accurate with exact numbers.

Bert said...

Okay, I haven't even read the post yet and would like to comment on the great face Toth is making in that photo. Holy crap is that funny!

Okay, just read it. Very sweet that they get their own time together. I would imagine with three, the relationships between each become much more complex.

Unknown said...

Nothing to do with this post, but I just read the article "Little Log Houses for You and Me" in the latest Brain, Child magazine (about the author a pilgrimage to the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites with her two girls), and I thought of you. (I think you mentioned that you read the LIW series with Nutmeg awhile back.)

I don't know if you have a subscription (or even time to read) but I love that magazine!