Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of Summer Fun Rush

Something happened as Labor Day approached last week. It's like we saw the end of summer in front of us and said, "Oh hay-ell no. It's not over."

So we had a block party:

And we went to Kiddieland, a local amusement park that will be closing at the end of the month, likely to be replaced by a Costco.

And then we went to Disney on Ice. OK, that;s not summery. But it was fun.

Right now, Nutmeg, Toth and I are in San Francisco, and I will share some pics of Nutmeg and her BFF as soon as I get around to taking some.


Unknown said...

Wow, Nutmeg looks so grown-up in that last picture!

Have fun in SF!

Kayadela said...

post SF pictures. Nutmeg was such an angel on this trip! Hope she feels better. I can't believe how fascinating she always is to talk to. (keith)