Monday, August 10, 2009

How Is It Working Out With 3?

At many moments of many of the past 30 days, having 3 kids has indeed been more difficult than having 2. The 3rd kid is the easiest of the bunch so far -- still sleeps for hours on end, doesn't mess up the house and never picks fights. But of course, he's the one responsible for my impatience when the lack of sleep catches up with me. And the most difficult times are when he's crying and driving the other kids mad -- especially in the back seat of the car -- or when I have to nurse him and the others (I'm talking to YOU, Pebbles) go on a crime spree and I'm sitting there saying, "No, no, stop it, don't do that."
In two short weeks, I'll be back down to two for most of the weekday, because Nutmeg will be starting all-day kindergarten. I suspect it will be both easier and harder once she's away all day. Easier because when the girls are troublesome, it's usually because they're fighting, and if Pebbles cries, it's nearly always due to something Nutmeg did. Harder because Nutmeg really has been quite a helper since Toth was born.
Both girls TRY to help, like here where they each gave the baby one of their dolls so he wouldn't be lonely while they went off to the playground with Epu:

But Pebbles' "help" is usually harmful or at best benign, like her constant offers to nurse the baby for me. She can fetch me a burp cloth if it's not too hard to find, but that's about it. Nutmeg's help, on the other hand, is actually very valuable.
Like at the pool last week. I was pretty weighed down, wearing Toth on my chest and pushing a stroller with all our bags dangling from it. I led the girls up the long ramp to the locker room so we could begin the aruous process of changing from swimming suits to street clothes, likely interrupted by a nursing session and a poopy baby diaper. Nutmeg of course walked right along with me, but Pebbles decided to stay down on the pool deck. I'm standing there calling her, unable to turn the stroller around on the narrow ramp and unwilling to leave it blocking the doorway.
So I just sent Nutmeg down to get her sister, and since Pebbles obeys her sisters' orders better than she obeys mine, the little one happily took her big sister's hand and walked up the ramp.
Also, Nutmeg was gone for almost two days at Grammy and Grampy's house, and by the end of Sunday Epu and I were exhausted from taking shifts playing with Pebbles. We never realize how much Nutmeg keeps Pebbles happy and occupied until we have to do it ourselves.
So maybe it's not ironic that I only had the two little ones yesterday when they finally broke me. I was holding Toth in one hand and leaning over to try to grab a reluctant Pebbles out of the baby pool when my back seized up. I spent the rest of the day walking with my lower back stuck in the position that your front car seat goes in when you tilt it forward to get in the back.

It's still sore today but thank goodness I can stand straight.
They're keeping one another occupied right now

and Toth is sleeping off a good feeding in the basinette. The cleaning lady came today, which means I spent hours last night straightening the place up, and suddenly I found myself looking around and wondering what to do with myself.
Then I remembered about 10,000 things I'm behind on. Like -- how's this for a segway? -- telling everyone I know that Chicago Now, the home of my new blog Frugalista, officially launches today. There's a full-page ad for it in today's Trib, and they're supposed to be doing promos on WGN TV and radio too, so if you tune in to either of those listen for them. So nice to have someone else to do my marketing for me!
OK, 2 of the 3 now crying. Obviously, I have dallied too long.


LWWB said...

Yes, have a 2 1/2 year old trying to help a baby is more harmful than ignoring her. and how much time you spend playing with a 2 1/2 year old. You are doing great, better than me. I am looking forward to when I can leave the room with my two girls for more than 30 sec w/o J tackling Arb b/c she wants to play with her but doesnt know how fragile Arb is even tho she is quite a chunker. Keep moving along, you survive with nutmeg and pebbles. you can survive pebbles with Toth

Sara said...

i know what you mean about nutmeg being helpful. grace is at daycamp this week and i am finding that i rely on her more than i thought i did--just for simple things like fetching a bottle from the counter or entertaining her brother while i go to the bathroom. i will miss her when school starts, that's for sure.

thanks again for letting us visit you on friday. toth is just precious!

Unknown said...

I'm totally getting my butt kicked by two (one is 2.5 years and the other is almost 4 months).

At this point, to have a third is still a huge question (especially since #2 is proving to be quite a spirited child), so I'll continue to be an avid reader and see how it goes for you...

Bert said...

I hope the cars Pebble is stealing are good ones, at least... like Mercedes or BMWs.