Thursday, August 27, 2009

Her Highness

You know that crown Nutmeg wore on the first day of school?

(to refresh your memory, here's Nutmeg breaking out of the joint at the end of that first day)

Well, that night I asked her if she was going to wear her crown to school again on the second day. She said, "Of course not."

Instead, while she's at school, Nutmeg keeps her crown on a homemade pedestal. The sign, which she wrote with help spelling "please" and "touch," reads "Please do not touch."

And finally, last night at dinner it came up that we don't have to pay for kindergarten. Nutmeg looked at me with a face that would normally be reserved for news of a trip to Disney World. Then she raised one hand high in the air.

"Slap me some skin!" she shouted.

I love this because a) Nutmeg think kindergarten is so great that she imagined it was very, very expensive, and b) Nutmeg understands and shares my love of a good deal.


Abby said...

Coming from a kindergarten teacher, I must say her handwriting is very neat and legible! Not bad, Nutmeg!

Anonymous said...

See now I would think the "slap me some skin" comment would impress you most of all. What a hipster!

Abby said...

Carrie, I have a frugalista question, but didn't want to sign up for an account to comment there...

Are stores letting you use the $3/1 for the Pure and Natural Huggies on ANY huggies diapers? Or did you have another $3/1 coupon?

Also, which $1.50 coupon were you using on the wipes? When I clicked the link to the coupons, I could only find the $3/1 for P&N huggies - no wipes.

Just wondered!

Great deals, btw!!!

Carrie said...

Hi Abby,

Thanks for your pov as a teacher -- I'm glad to hear that her handwriting looks good for her age. My brother and I have always had terrible hadnwriting, but hopefully she's inheriting her father's artistic talen to make everything look nice.

As for your question:
1) I did have one or two $3/1 coupns for ANY Huggies, which I received in a mailer shortly after the baby was born. If you aren't getting mailers, you should sign up on their Web site, and maybe you'll get some of the higher value ones. However, the $3/1 P&N coupons have indeed worked on regular Huggies and no cashier at any store has questioned them.
2) There was a $1.50/1 on in addition to the P&N coupons. It said on any "Huggies Diapers Product." I don't really know if they meant that Huggies Diapers was the brand, and if products was meant to include wipes. But it works. I think I have even successfully used a plain old "Huggies Diapers" coupon on wipes before, but I didn't try it this time.

Bert said...

AND, she said "Slap me some skin!" How cool is that?!