Monday, July 06, 2009

What's Going On

So, although no baby has been happening here lately, things have been happening. A brief summary:
1. Two weeks ago, our neighbor two doors down had a break-in at around 4:30 p.m. by teenage burglars apparently unfamiliar with the work patterns of most Americans. My neighbor came home from work while they were in the house, locked them in a bedroom, and they jumped out the upstairs window to escape. Later, they were apprehended by police, and since they are teenagers, they told everything. Everything including which house in the neighborhood they were planning to hit next: The one where they had just seen "a pregnant lady" leaving with "a kid." Yep. Our house. That was the only day so far this summer where it was actually hot out, and I had not bothered to close the windows before walking the girls over to CVS. My plan had been to head straight from CVS to the local playground, but but the time I came out of the store, police cars were all over the street, and although I had no idea what was going on I decided to stop home and lock the windows before heading to the playground. So yeah, now the windows get locked EVERY time we leave the house. Also, two of our neighbors have installed new security systems.
2. That night, my parents stayed over and I took Epu out for a birthday dinner on the North Side. It was a few days early since he was going to be spending his actual birthday being best man in a wedding. As we were driving home, my parents called to warn us that the power was out and we'd have to open the garage door manually. It didn't really sink in right away that no power meant no air conditioning or even fans on the hottest night of the year. Pregnant women of the past, you now have my undying respect. I don't know how you got a wink of sleep on hot summer nights because I did not. And no, we could not sleep with the windows shut that night, despite our fear of robbers.
3. The next day, we left for Milwaukee for the Big Wedding. There was that bowling bachelor party, a rehearsal dinner and the main event, that last taking place in Oconomowoc, about a half hour west of Milwaukee and that much farther from our home. I was nervous about straying two to three hours from home so close to my due date; especially once I took the kids back to the hotel and tried to sleep while my husband partied into the night and I tried to figure out just what I would do if I went into labor and he didn't hear his cell phone ringing. But as you can see from your vantage point in The Future, there was nothing to worry about.
And as you can see, a good time was had by many:

The funniest part about this wedding was that both kids fell asleep in the car on the 10-minute drive to the 4 p.m. ceremony. I'd tried to get Pebbles to nap back at the hotel to no avail, so I dressed them and we headed out. Then I get there and I can't figure out whether to leave them in the car with the engine running and AC blasting, just sit out the ceremony in the car with them, wake them up, or what. I ended up waking Nutmeg and carrying in the sleeping Pebbles. Nutmeg docilely walked to the outdoor ceremony and sat with her grandparents, and Pebbles stayed SOUND asleep in my arms through the whole ceremony, receiving line, and all the picture-taking after. I was not the world's most comfortable pregnant woman sitting in the warm sun in a plastic chair with 21 pounds of toddler plus a pound or two of tulle in my arms, but hey, it was a lot better than having her wake up and scream through the ceremony.

4. When we got back home, we noticed that the ice cream in the freezer was still soft four days post-power-outage. And that the milk in the fridge was curdled. Yep, fridge and freezer broken. Adjusting temperature controls did nothing, nor did turning it off and on (hey, it works for computers), vacuuming coils, etc. Suspect it was damaged by power surge when electricity returned. Called for repairs but soonest appointment we were offered was the day of (5). So instead we had to accept an appointment for TODAY. Am waiting for them now, more than a week after we discovered the problem. At this point, we are using our freezer as a refrigerator (it works just fine for that). We were able to eat all the meat from the freezer without any ill effects, in fact most of it was still at least partially frozen when we took it out to cook it. But I've had to throw out so many of my hard-won bargains: about 3 cartons of ice cream was the most painful thing. Also threw out the eggs, all the jelly, salsa, pickles, cream cheese, cheese, etc. from the fridge. This sucks.

5. We went to Wrigley Field and watched the Cubs beat the Brewers. We were celebrating my grandfather's birthday. It was a long-planned-for event that I had half-expected not to be able to attend due to childbirth. But nope. This third baby is, possibly, the considerate one. Knock wood.

6. We stayed home for the Fourth of July for the first time since moving back to the Midwest. I got to march with Nutmeg's school in the local parade (it was really a slow, gentle walk for a mile or so in very mild weather, but to see my mom friends' reactions you'd think I was running a marathon while pregnant), and Epu took the girls to the local fireworks in the evening. Walking in the parade made me realize how much I like this town where we've been living for two years; Nutmeg saw so many of her friends and classmates to wave to, and we even saw our family doctor on the sidelines (I actually had to run over to her to remind her that she has a new patient coming VERY soon who she'll have to come check out at the hospital!)

6. I am typing this while running an automatic back massager I got last Christmas. I hadn't used it in about six months after the initial novelty wore off. But right now, 9 months pregnant, I realize that this thing is my new best friend. It's really an automatic poking-baby's-foot-out-of-my-rib-cage machine. In fact it's got the fetus scrambling around in there to adjust his position. Take that, you little meanie. That'll teach you to wedge your foot into Mommy's rib cage.


lwwb said...

see, that is an advantage carrying a smaller than average toddlerb at a wedding, a 21 lbs toddler is easier than a 28/30lbs toddler, Imagine that!

Carrie said...

Oh yeah, my itty bitty Pebbles does make life easier on me. I really have been able to carry her when necessary throughout the pregnancy without straining myself.

That's why I tell all the moms I see to go ahead and smoke during pregnancy!

That was a joke!

Unknown said...

True story: my mom smoked all throughout her pregnancy with me ("but I switched to lights" she said later. Thanks, Mom)... and I was still 8 lbs 15 oz.

Anyway I'm hoping you don't have too much longer of being uncomfortable. And I am very interested to hear about your life with three kids. We are still debating whether or not to have a third, although we have a lot of time since the second is only 2.5 months old right now...

Sara said...

stupid brewers...

and you looked lovely in the pic of you and pebbles at the wedding! love the dress!!

Bert said...

Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. What a wonderful update! Happy due date, by the way!