Friday, July 10, 2009

Toth Is Not Stressed

I just returned from the midwives' office, where a nurse gave me a non-stress test. Toth, smart little fetus that he is, passed with flying colors, with lots of movement and heart rate accelerations. I think he wants to stay a fetus for awhile because he is so good at it.
The monitor picked up not one single contraction, and I didn't feel any during the test either. As has been the pattern, I had a few while walking to and from the office, but none while I was relaxing in an easy chair taking the test.
Anyway, as I mentioned before, the midwife who was supposed to be in the office today is birthing another patient's baby right now, after also delivering one at 5 this morning, and one of the two alternative birthing rooms at the hospital is occupied. One of the three midwives in my practice is on vacation, which is why the midwife who was supposed to be seeing patients had to go to the hospital.
So I'm thinking tomorrow would be a much better day than today for Toth to arrive. Epu and I have planned a super fun Oak Park day of walking around to help encourage some action. We'll be going to NOLA's Cup, a local cafe that unfortunately will soon be closing down; a super-awesome rummage sale held by a former home daycare proprietor; and probably also the farmer's market. Any other induction techniques that might be used tomorrow are none of your business.
Of course, now that I am looking forward to a fun day tomorrow, that ensures he'll come overnight, right? Or maybe that's what I'm trying to do!
Gotta keep this fetus guessing. He's a smart one, you know.
UPDATE: Just talked to the midwife on call about my itchy hands and feet. After I posted last, I made the mistake of Googling for itchy hands and feet in pregnancy, and I came across at condition called Obstetric Cholestasis which can result in stillbirth. Yikes! I mentioned my symptoms to the nurse today and she asked the midwife on call to contact me from the hospital, which she just did. She was aware of that condition and asked me a lot of questions about the itching, and finally decided that we should not do anything right now but they'd revisit the issue when I come in to the office on Tuesday (if Toth hasn't arrived by then). But I am supposed to be extra vigilant about doing kick counts every day and make sure to call them if I cannot detect six kicks within an hour.


Sara said...

like bert, i now confess to obsessively checking your blog, and we're going out of town for the weekend tomorrow morning, so i don't know what i will do!!! i'll have to sneak away to check things while at my in-laws. :-)

sending good thoughts your way!

alohagardener said...

I'm checking obsessively, too.
I'll be back soon....

Unknown said...

Me three! (obsessive blog stalking, that is)

And Dr. Google was not my friend in pregnancy either, but then again, you can never be too careful. Always bring it up to the care provider, just in case... and trust your gut feeling.