Friday, July 03, 2009

Today's Horoscope

Today we have tickets to see the Cubs play the Brewer's at Wrigley Field, and since I also held expensive tickets to a much-anticipated event on the day Nutmeg was born, it's been widely assumed that I'd be in labor by no.
So far, no. And that's a happy thing, because the Cubs won last night, they've got momentum, and I'd love to see them win one this afternoon.
But today's Chicago Tribune horoscope for Cancer, the sign of both Epu and baby-to-be, is humorously ominous:
CANCER: The planning phase is almost over: Time to get to work. Go back to your notes if you can't remember what comes next.
I read that to Epu and we laughed when thinking of it applied to him -- did he take notes last time? No, but with Nutmeg he did have a notecard where he wrote down comfort measure reminders.
But when we realized it also applied to the baby, it was even funnier. Time to get to work indeed! Ride the contraction cannon! Stretch those lungs! Learn to suck!
But what about that part, "go back to your notes"? Perhaps there is such a thing as reincarnation after all.
By the way, the whole family went to the midwife yesterday, without much of anything exciting happening. I weighed in at 172 pounds, 1/2 pound less than last week. The head midwife palpated Toth and declared him about 7 pounds 12 oz., meaning that he will probably be at or near 8 pounds if he's born on the due date next week.
After Epu had taken the kids out to the waiting room, just as I was about to leave, she asked if I wanted to be checked. I always SAY I'm going to decline checking, since it doesn't really tell you when you're going into labor, but then I always cave to curiosity and get checked anyway. I wanted to see if Dr. Sears was right and those "prelabor contractions" had caused me to dilate further than last week.
Nope. I was still between 1 and 2 cm., which the midwife pointed out is a good thing because, while it doesn't predict WHEN I will go into labor, it does mean that once active labor begins the early stage might be a little longer, giving us time for the grandparents to come get the girls (or for us to get home from Wrigley Field).
I like this idea since I have absolutely no dread of the early phase of labor. I feel pretty confident that I can get to 4 cm at least without experiencing much if any discomfort, so why rush through the "early warning" phase?
Meanwhile, my cervix was slightly more effaced, maybe 30 percent instead of 15 percent. Then she said some stuff I didn't understand, like how the cervix was soft and "nice and anterior," but by this time Pebbles was getting really tired for her nap and we needed to get going, so I didn't ask.
By the way, yesterday Toth managed to get his feet BACK up into my rib cage. I'd say I feel his head less on my cervix and pelvic floor. So the bratt really can (somehow) move UP in my torso, and he feels LESS ready to come out today than he did earlier this week.
And that's fine. The girls aren't scheduled to go to Wisconsin until next week, so everything would really be easier if he waits until his due date.
Or a couple days after? The idea of having a couple days "maternity leave" from parenting before he shows up is absolutely dreamy, although on the other hand it is already getting difficult to sleep at night because of my massive baby bump. (I know it doesn't look huge, but did you hear the midwife? 8 pounder.) But on the OTHER other hand, nobody's gonna sleep well once Toth joins us in the outside world. So might as well enjoy the achy, get-up-five-times-to-pee nights while I can.


Abby said...

Good luck, Carrie and Epu!

I keep watching for updates :)

I feel like it wasn't too long ago that I was watching to see when Pebbles would make her appearance...

Kori said...

EJ was an eight-pounder---maybe he'll come late and arrive on her birthday. :)

Unknown said...

An anterior cervix is a good thing... your cervix actually has to change postions (from posterior to anterior) to make it move into line with your vagina.