Friday, July 03, 2009

Pebbles and Grandpa

A couple weeks ago we drove to Milwaukee and back in one day to spend time with the girls' grandparents on Father's Day. They have not been able to see the girls for six weeks, and then only briefly, due to circumstances beyond our control.
It was really evident to Grandpa how verbal Pebbles has become over the last couple of months. She likes to tell true stories now, like how we went to "wimming lessons" and she was "not cared" and it was "gate!" (Translation: swimming lessons, scared, great.)
Pebbles has also been in an affectionate, cuddly mood lately, so she jumped on Grandpa's lap and gave him lots of big hugs. Which, when you think about it, is amazing for a toddler who hasn't really seen someone in a couple of months -- I was surprised she even remembered who he was.

We also stopped into my parents' house on the way to Milwaukee, even though they were out of town. We warned the girls that Grammy and Grampy would not be home, and we were just stopping to pick something up. But that didn't sink in with poor Pebbles.
She walked all around my parents house, checking things out, before finally turning to me and asking, "Where ARE dem?"
Don't worry kiddo, you'll see LOTS of Grammy and Grampy in future weeks, since both you and your sister will be staying with them when we have the baby. You'll be sick of the sight of dem.


Bert said...

This is just plain adorable. Very sweet.

Kori said...

Awh, great snaps. :)

Sara said... sweet. grandpas are the best!

babyboyg said...

Great pictures and Grandpa looks really good. Happy to see that!