Saturday, July 11, 2009

Four Hours of Walking = Nada

Today a new midwife is on duty, my husband is home from work for the weekend, and we thought, hey, good time to have a baby! So after going out for a nice "last chance" dinner alone last night, we got up around 7 this morning and headed out for a long, long walk.
We walked to NOLA's Cup, an Oak Park cafe that will sadly be closing on Monday. Had delicious cafe au lait and beignets. Then we walked to the farmer's market, saw the Suzuki violin teacher who Nutmeg will be learning from conducting her students in a little performance, and bought a few vegetables for tonight's dinner. No stocking up here since I'm always living in the hope that we'll soon be off to the hospital and don't want food sitting around spoiling while we're gone.
Then we walked to a rummage sale I'd heard about that happens to be right next to the hospital where Toth is to be born. We hit two other rummage sales along the way and picked up some primo kids' stuff which I'll write about on one of my bargain blogs.
All told, we were out for four hours, with at least a couple of hours of straight walking in between eating and browsing. I had plenty of contractions while walking, but none while standing still. It was reeeally nice to just go out with Epu and no kids, though, talk as much as we wanted, and take our time, without any complaints from the peanut gallery.
And now I'm lying on my couch under the fan with a cup of ice water, and nope, no contractions.
My feet are very tired, though. And still swollen and red and hot and itchy. As are my hands. But as instructed by the midwife, I'm doing lots of kick counts and Toth seems to be doing fine.
Oh well, still plenty of stuff to do around here today. I'm almost done setting up our bedroom for our new roomie, and will post pics of that when it's done.


Notta Wallflower said...

My thoughts are with you. You are way more patient than I was when I was overdue with K.

Bert said...

Valiant effort! Enjoy the rest of the induction process today. :)

Kori said...

The moment you blog it, the universe responds by sending you contractions. :) Love it. Good luck, chica---you'll be great.

Unknown said...

FWIW, I'm sending you labor vibes. I went 10 days overdue with #2 (after #1 had been a week early) so I know how anxious you can be to get the baby out!

Like Bert said, you and Epu enjoy yourselves tonight. :)