Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can't Post Because I Fear the Blog Effect

So, we came home from the hospital at around 10 a.m. yesterday. I just can't tell you how we're doing right now. Would I be so foolish as to say we're blissed out, relaxed, Epu and I spending some quality time with one another and getting to know this adorable and so far, totally easy baby?
Because, as Korilu pointed out to me when I blogged that walking around town for four hours didn't start my labor (it did, apparently, but not until a couple hours later), you blog something, and the universe immediately makes that thing untrue.

So if I told you how Toth alternates between sleeping peacefully, calm wakeful time spent looking around quietly, and valiant attempts to drain my enormously engorged boobs? As soon as I hit "publish post," he'd be spending his time peeing on the ceiling, getting jaundiced, crying all night long and refusing to latch on.
And I'm just not ready for the teen years yet.
Anyway, the truth is that we're all feeling pretty good today. The girls are at the Wisconsin Dells with my parents and are having a great time. They called me to tell me so. Epu, who is on vacation for two weeks, finally put that second coat of paint on the guest room and will get to hang up the surround sound speakers and set up the stereo tomorrow. (Just two years after we moved in!)

I may have overdone it a bit today, from the feel of my stitches; I did a tiny load of laundry so Toth can wear some of the new clothes he's received as gifts, ran the dishwasher, made a couple doctors' appointments, put Toth in the stroller and walked to Jewel for groceries, cooked dinner and cleaned up after it. And, of course, nursed the baby, changed him a few times, cut his nails, cuddled him and pumped a little to take the edge off the engorgement. It really wasn't much compared to a normal day, but I do feel a little sore so I am resting now. And enjoying a little glass of scotch. And some of Nutmeg's Easter candy I just found.


babyboyg said...

Scotch and Easter candy? You are having fun! (Or does this just show that this is the third child?) Ha ha!
I love this picture of your two boys asleep together. Soooo cute!

Sara said...

you look so happy and beautiful. so glad you're having such a wonderful time with your little boy. they rock, don't they?

Unknown said...

mmm, Scotch.

And take it easy, woman! That is way too much for a recently post-partum woman to do in a day. Just relax and let Epu take care of you guys.

Amanda said...


CW said...

I'm with Felicia. Let the man who didn't just push a watermelon through a garden hose do the shopping and cooking. You just sip the scotch and eat the found Easter candy.

Bert said...

I second the scotch and Easter candy plan! You look lovely and relaxed. Hooray for baby boys. :)

Bert said...

P.S. Where can I get me one of those sling thingies? Neato.