Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I've Been Up To

So, to-do list. One of those items was to fulfill outstanding professional obligations and stockpile some blog posts for "maternity leave." The first part is done. Here are some of the stuff I published while fulfilling those outstanding obligations:
At the SF Chronicle:
Computer Gamemakers Eye Social Networks
Avatars, Attorneys in New World of Virtual Law
(Don't read the comments. People who comment on newspaper sites are the world's biggest a-holes.)
On Travel Savvy Mom:
Review of Key Lime Cove Water Resort (video finished and to be posted soon)
Hotel Monaco Review
On Traveling Mom:
A Visit to the Wisconsin Dells
Rediscovering the Joys of Traveling Without the Kids
On Wise Bread:
Grocery Store Earth Angst: Tackling Some of Those Questions About Buying for Health and Environment
Supermarket Angst Part II: What Eggs Should I Buy?
On Chicagonista, my friend MJ Tam's great new site:
Submitted a review of the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit at the Brookfield Zoo, should be posted next week.
On Chicago Moms Blog:
Celia Sotomeyer: Mom Hero
On Frugalista:
Free and Cheap Family Summer Flicks
Free Loot for Readers: Chicagland Summer Reading Programs
And tons of daily deal posts.
On Shoplifting With Permission:
All the usual deals including how I made money this week buying ice cream and pasta sauce at Jewel.
On Uptake's Travel Industry Blog:
All kinds of stuff about the travel industry. I post there twice a week and will through the end of June before taking July off.
What I owe yet before the baby's born:
A June post for Wise Bread, which will be Part III of the Supermarket Angst series; two posts for Chicago Moms Blog; four posts for Uptake, and pretty much daily posts for Frugalista and Shoplifting With Permission. I have no more freelance article obligations, hurray!
And of course I owe you too, dear readers! Don't worry. This will be the last blog I abandon even if I can't promise I'll always be conscious while typing it.


babyboyg said...

You have been busy. I love reading your stuff. I fell in love with the Nutmeg News a few years ago, but all your different writing gigs have been so interesting to read.
Keep up the good work, and you MUST keep us updated here on Funny Family! We demand to be informed! Toth is coming and you can't keep him all to yourself!

Sara said...

geez, lady. no rest for the weary!! try to take it easy!

thanks for all the work, tho. i do enjoy reading your stuff, especially on this blog and on your new frugalista blog. nice work!!