Friday, June 26, 2009

Pregnancy Update 38 Weeks

I'm posting this update from Milwaukee where we are for a family wedding. I was just sitting down to get some updates out into the Blogosphere when I started getting inquiries as to whether I might have had the baby because things have been so quiet. LOL. Not in labor, just busy!
Yesterday Epu took the day off work so we could drive up here, but between a 1 p.m. midwife appointment at 4:30 swimming lessons for the kids, we didn't make it up here until after 8 p.m. But that was OK because the first wedding event was meeting up at Summerfest to watch fireworks, and I was able to drop Epu off at the grounds just around the same time the others were getting there.
So at the midwife yesterday we went over our birth plan with the practice's newest midwife. It was nice because usually my appointments are a bit stressful since I always have at least one of the kids with me, and this time my parents watched the kids while Epu and I went. We decided we liked the new midwife quite well; she's from A Woman's Place, a highly regarded home birth or hospital midwife practice that is ironically based just a block or two away from our Chicago apartment where we lived when we had Pebbles.
Our birth plan does not have to specifiy much, since most of the things we want in a birth are already standard operating practice with our midwives and the hospital-based center where they work. This is something I would advise every pregnant woman to strive for -- instead of gearing up to argue with your practitioners to get what you want in a birth, find practitioners who want what you want. One thing I learned from our very first birth is that when you are in labor, you are not your normal persuasive self and it's not a time when you want to be arguing with people or having to advocate for yourself. It may STILL happen that you need to advocate for yourself no matter who you pick, but if you pick a practice that is in line with your hopes, things will go so much more smoothly.
Anyway, she gave me the good news that I am Group B Strep negative this time around. This means that we do not have to think about getting to the hospital in time to have four hours worth of antibiotics drain into my veins through an IV before the baby's born; it also means that I probably won't need an IV at all in labor which is a relief. Considering how quickly our last birth went, it seems doubtful we would be able to get to the hospital in time for that anyway, but even if we did, I just didn't want to labor while carting around an IV stand. Not helpful.
Then the midwife gave my schnauzer* a check to see how far I've progressed. Normally the midwives don't do a lot of checking, but since we were a little nervous about driving 2-3 hours away for the weekend she thought it might help to know if I was already very dilated or not. Turns out I'm at 1-2 cm and (I think, hard to remember) around 15% effaced. I thought this was perfect; enough to be encouraging that when I do go into labor I'm not starting from ground zero (I've had friends who've showed up at the hospital in great pain only to be told that what they'd experienced so far was getting from 0 to 1 cm!), but not enough to make me worry that any little contraction I feel means I'll soon be 10 cm dilated.
Meanwhile, everyone is telling me I look big. My bathing suit -- a non-maternity tankini -- will barely go on and at first I was dreading the prospect of going out and buying a maternity suit but then I remembered I have the stretched-out one from last pregnancy in my hospital bag, all ready for wearing in the birthing tub. So I guess I'll have to switch to that for the kids' swimming lessons next week.
Oh, and we went bowling today for the bacherlor party for this wedding we're going to. Epu was concerned that the act of throwing a bowling ball was just the sort of hip-opening lunge that would bring on labor. After all, Nutmeg's labor started out with me doing a few lunges that the birth instructor had advised would help the baby get into a not-posterior position (it didn't work on that count, but it DID seem to move her down and into the chute.) You know, I won't say for sure that it didn't move the baby down any; since we bowled I have felt more pressure in the lower abdomen as if the head is in a lower position. I might have felt some contractions too but nothing to write home about; with this heat it's hard to stay hydrated enough NOT to have them for one thing. (But don't worry, Mom. I have my water cup right by my side as I type this).
So maybe when we ARE ready to have this baby, a few frames at the bowling alley would be just the thing.
Oh, and you know another thing I learned about pregnancy this week? They do not make push-up bras in maternity sizes. It's so sad; I have more potential for decolletage right at this moment than I have ever had, and I'm wearing a reasonably low-cut dress for this wedding tomorrow. So naturally I wanted a nice bra to make the most of my bigger-than-usual assets, which are still no more than a generous B-cup. But I cannot get into a normal bra because I need one with a strap at least 40 inches around right now. Even those are a little snug. And it appears impossible to find either a 40B bra in a regular store or in a maternity store. And while I thought the maternity store bras might fit me better, they had not a single one with any lift at all to it. Do not we pregnant women care about cleavage? Am I the only one?
Motherhood did have a little bra strap extender. If I have the energy, I could head over to the mall tomorrow, get one of those and then try Victoria's secret for maybe a nice 36B gel bra or something.
That is the news from Milwaukee. We are not having the baby at the moment. We'll send word when we do.
* My sister-in-law told me this joke today:
A woman has a schnauzer that she enters in many dog shows, and he always comes in second place. Finally one day she asks the first place winner for advice, and he recommends getting rid of the tufts of hair between the dog's toe's. "Nair will do it," he said.
So she goes to the drugstore and asks for Nair.
"You shouldn't wear panty hose for a few days after you use this," the druggist tells her.
"Actually," she says, "It's for my schnauzer."
"In that case," the druggist replies, "Don't ride a bicycle for a few days."


Sara said...

ha! i saw l.w.w.b. on facebook last night and i was all like, "have you heard from carrie?!? is she in labor?!?" glad to hear you're able to make it to the wedding and that you caught the fireworks at summerfest! aaron and i had a romantic evening on the couch last night, listening to the fireworks. ok, maybe not so romantic--we were arguing about whether or not to watch the MJ death coverage. so anyway...

Carrie said...

Actually I didn't go to Summerfest, I just dropped Epu off and then took the kids to his parents house so we could go to bed. I'm not that into fireworks (or sitting on the ground at this point).

Sarah said...

Glad to hear everything is going well over there. I keep checking your blog to see if your little guy has arrived yet.
BTW, I just saw this on a mom's group:
Thought it was right up your alley... ;)

Unknown said...

followed you here from your other blogs! : )
Lane Bryant has bras (push ups and other sexy styles too) in 40b, 42b, on up in their Cacique line. Although... this news is probably too late for you to use. : )

thebaglady said...

Hi Carrie! You don't even look all that preggo still. I'm in my 23rd week now and just starting to pop out a lot. Hope the birthing goes well!

babyboyg said...

I'm checking in on you everyday. I am sure that Grandma B will get the news from Grandma J and pass it along quickly, but I can't wait for your post. I just love reading your stories!