Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pre-Baby To-Do List

Maybe if I share my to-do list with the world, I'll have more drive to actually check a few things off this list. And, to give myself a little morale, I'll include a few already-done items and have fun with that strikethrough text. Here goes!

  • Arrange to pick up loaned-out baby gear from friends.
  • Actually get that baby gear from friends.
  • Find camera.
  • Install infant seat in Subaru to make sure it fits.
  • Stock up on newborn-sized diapers.
  • Pack hospital bag. (Don't forget: eye shade.)
  • Get needle to blow up birth ball from parents' house. Blow up birth ball.
  • Pack bag of "comfort measures" for the hubs to use on me.
  • Arrange childcare (my parents) and emergency in-town childcare (two friends have volunteered to take midnight phone calls) for kids.
  • Tour hospital.
  • Prepare changing area in our bedroom: Clear my dresser top, get new changing pad and cover, hang diaper supply caddy on wall, acquire and hang mobile, acquire another diaper pail. (Hmm, or maybe simply move current changing supplies from girls' room to my room. Pebbles doesn't really need a separate changing area in her room.)
  • Clear top drawer of my dresser for baby clothes.
  • Wash and inventory 0-3 size clothes and figure out if we have enough.
  • Listen to hypnosis tapes EVERY DAY to prepare for birth.
  • Schedule appointment to meet midwives' back-up OB.
  • Shop for labor supplies (Recharge drink and palatable snacks, heat packs, massage oil, etc.)
  • Get more red raspberry leaf tea and drink it.
  • Make small online wish list in case anyone wants to buy baby presents.
  • Order organic mattress for crib, get baby bottles.
  • Order doll slings for the girls.
  • Get ahead on blogging work to give myself some time off.
  • Shop for easy post-baby meals (already did some; got 7 packages of spaghetti sauce today for NEGATIVE $2.25.)
  • Write up birth plan. (Doesn't need to be extensive since most of what we want is standard practice for the midwives.)
  • Sign up for cord blood donation.
  • Sign up for 2-week trial at local gym in order to get some swimming time in.
  • Post important phone numbers all in one place on fridge (babysitting neighbor's phone numbers, midwives' numbers).
  • Talk to our family doctor about being baby's doctor. (Doh! Can't believe I didn't think of this until today! Left a message for her though.)

I will probably think of about 1,000,000 other things, which I will add to this post as they come up.

Good lord! I can't believe there are so many things. And this is not even touching all those nagging "should really get this done before baby comes" things around the house. Nor other deadlines that happen to come before the due date, such as Father's Day (have a plan, must execute) and a family wedding (shop for gifts and dress, make hotel reservation).

And thanks to Sara for reminding me that by this time in her recent pregnancy, she'd ALREADY given birth so I had damn well better get on the stick, and to Dooce for reminding me that pregnancies really do end even if it seems like they never will.


Sara said...

you're welcome! ;-)

good luck crossing stuff off the list. let me know if i can help out at all!

Carrie said...

Yeah, you should definitely come to my house and get some of this done for me. Cause you are probably just sitting back up there and being a lady of leisure, right ;-)

Sara said...

totally. this whole baby thing is a snap. ;-)

no, seriously, if you're up in the area and have stuff to get done, drop the girls off. grace will be in need of some playdates as soon as school wraps up in a few days.

Christine Lucas said...

Yours is the kind of pregnancy blog I can get behind. Can't say I want a water birth. Can't say your description of your baby getting caught up in your rib cage doesn't freak me out. I can say that your writing is a refreshing escape from fuzzy mom blogs that act like a flock of animated bluebirds might come out with the baby. Keep it up.

Kori said...

You know we are further away (and the way your last labor went, WAY TOO FAR AWAY), but the kiddos are always welcome with us, any time of day or night. :) We will also be bringing over some sort of delicious casserole once the bambino is born, so leave some room for a 13x9 in the fridge/freezer.

PatriciaJ said...

Based on this list, you are in top nesting mode, the baby will probably arrive tomorrow.

Good luck, remember all they really need the first month is you.

My first child liked to stretch out between my hip bones, felt like a crowbar was working inside my pelvis. Lovely.

Strangely, I miss it.

John said...

Great choice going with an organic crib mattress. I got one for my son and we couldn't have been happier with it