Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Thing I've Been Up To: Blog Networking

Despite the fact that Toth's due date is July 8, I have tickets to the BlogHer conference in Chicago on July 25, and RSVP'd to dinners and events happening in the days leading up to the conference, a scant two weeks after the date.
What can I say? I'm a) optimistic and b) not willing to miss what has become an annual networking and funfest for me.
Actually, last year was more interesting than fun since I was reporting two stories at BlogHer in San Francisco in addition to taking care of both kids. I had the support and help of good friends but no spouse with me which means I was was definitely burning the candle at both ends.
This year I'm obviously not planning on doing any reporting. I'm just hoping to attend, babe in sling.
Which reminds me that I also wanted to mention another blog-related social event I got to attend lately, hosted by my Chicago Moms Blog sisters Kim Moldofsky and Cindy Fey. Kim did a great job summing up the event on her blog. It was quite chic as it was held in the party room of one of those new high-rise condo buildings near Navy Pier, and the spread was both delicious and elegant, including homemade goodies by the hostesses and good provided by sponsors. I broke all pregnancy rules by sipping mimosas and diving right for the artisinal cheese from Pastoral. The Jane Addams Hull House Museum provided jam and from the sounds of that place I will have to get my little Laura Ingalls fan over there to EJ's neighborhood to check out the old fashioned activities. Then there were three Eli's Cheesecakes. No one else got to try those, though, cause I ate all three.
Beyond stuffing my face, it was lots of fun to put faces to names I've read on Chicago Mom's Blog, like Caitlin (who by the way has a new blog on Chicago now called Wee Windy City), Karen and Liz. Oh, and Nutmeg was impressed that I got to meet PBS Kids hostess Miss Lori, who now blogs on CMB too. Dork that I am, I chatted with Miss Lori and listened to her great readings (yes, we did readings) for a couple hours without recognizing her as the smiley lady I see on TV with that little guinea pig.
OK, so this is a much delayed tribute, but I want Kim and Cindy and all the sponsors to know how much I loved this event. The rest of y'all? I just wanted to make you jealous. ;-)


Kim Moldofsky said...

You are welcome it was great catching up. Thanks for mentioning eating the forbidden foods because now that you've outed yourself I can mention it on Chicago Moms Blog...right?

I also missed the bit about Caitlin's newest blog.

I hope to see you at BlogHer!

Carrie said...

Oh, you can out me. I'm not ashamed to say I've jettisoned most of the bs about what you can and cannot eat during pregnancy.

Unknown said...

You remind me of myself. Please don't let this rain on your parade, but...

In my second pregnancy I was oh-so-optimistic about being able to attend a family wedding on April 25, seeing as how my baby was due April 9, and my first baby had come a week early.

This little stubborn one waited to come until April 18, and NO WAY was I going to go through with the wedding attendance after that, what with all of the leaking from my various lady parts, and general feeling of tiredness and malaise. I had a friend who pushed herself too far, too soon after delivery and ended up with a nasty bout of mastitis. No thanks!

I do hope you get to go to BlogHer though. :)

Carrie said...

Felicia, it could totally happen like that too and you're right, I shouldn't push myself. Conferences are all walking, standing and sitting -- all uncomfortable things to do if you've just delivered.

Kori said...

Oh, I wish I would have known about BlogHer! That would have been fun to go to with you again---I was so preoccupied with school that I didn't see the announcement. I tried to register tonight, but I'm on the waitlist. Bummer. Now that I don't have school work, it would be nice to be more blog-connected.

Kate said...

Food sounds so good!

Becky said...

Doh, everyone except me is going to BlogHer! Next year I'm definitely going.