Friday, May 15, 2009

Pregnancy Update 32 Weeks

Did you see that number in the title? 32 WEEKS. Which means I'm suddenly in countdown mode -- it's more telling to say how many weeks we have LEFT before Toth's due date. Eight weeks.
That means, holy crap, we're going to have a newborn baby in this house. I have been so busy working -- launching a new blog with the Chicago Tribune which I'll tell you more about when I can, among other things -- that I have scarcely had a chance to think about birth preparation, much less gathering the things we'll need to accommodate the little guy.
I also haven't had time to focus on remembering those prenatal vitamins every day, which probably has something to do with the unpleasant news I got at the midwife today: My hemoglobin is low -- around 10 -- close to the cut-off limit that would keep me out of the alternative birthing center at the hospital where I'll be having Toth. If you're anemic, you're no longer considered low-risk because I guess if you have a post-partum hemmorrhage that's more dangerous for an anemic woman.
You better believe I WANT to be in the ABC -- its existence is the only reason I decided on another hospital birth when I was really thinking a home birth would be better. I'd still get the midwives as my caregivers even if I couldn't go to the ABC, but still. I don't want to miss that opportunity. So I am very motivated now to remember that vitamin every day, and to take it with orange juice, not milk, since apparently milk interferes with iron absorption. Which totally sucks because breakfast cereals are a good source of iron, yet unlike Mommylu I don't like my cereal without milk or yogurt. But I did have a can of sardines as a snack today. They're on this list of high-iron foods.
The upside of finding out that I'm anemic is the hope that if I improve my iron consumption, I might not feel so damn tired all the time.
I was also measuring small for the first time this visit, which doesn't surprise me at all. I measured so small with Nutmeg that they sent me in for an ultrasound to check her size. I told the midwife that the baby feels like he's all up inside my rib cage, and stomping on my bladder at the same time.
At least my blood glucose test was good. As it always is. And I am only up 20 pounds -- 167 -- so it looks like I will stay under 30 pounds for the whole pregnancy which is nice.
On an unrelated note, I don't like to talk about people outside my immediate family on this blog, but I want to thank those who know us who have expressed their love and concern for our loved one who is sick. There is not much to say except that we are all hoping for the best.

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Sara said...

we're keeping you all in our thoughts and we are hoping for the best as well. much love to you all.