Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pebbles Day

I spent most of the day today with just Pebbles, because Nutmeg went with her dad to his dentist appointment (the kid loves the dentist, 4 real) and then the Shedd Aquarium.
Hanging out with Pebbles has always been fun -- she's happy almost all the time, already has a sense of humor, and is pretty much the cutest frickin' 2-year-old you have ever seen.
But lately she's begun talking in all kinds of sentences, complete with prepositions and all the trimmings. It's a surprise to realize that she probably had all these complicated thoughts before and is just now learning to express them.
After buying some plants at our local conservatory (and after her nap), we took a walk with the wagon to the green home store to buy fertilizer. On the way she picked a couple of long-stemmed dandelions and wanted me to hold one. I held it for awhile, and eventually tossed it aside.
A little later, of course, she wanted it back. I tried picking a replacement on the sly, but she saw me and voiced noisy disapproval of this action. Later, I managed to pick a new one without her seeing me, but she immediately rejected it:
"Dis not it! I want MY dandelion, Mom!"
(She just started saying "I" instead of "me" today.)
Finally I was able to find a replacement with as long a stem as the original, pluck it without detection, and present it to her.
"Oh! You DO hab it. Dis NICE dandelion, mommy."
Lately, everything she likes is NICE. It makes me think of a teenager checking out his buddy's new ride or a picture of a hot swimsuit model. "Niiiiiice."
I love me some Pebbles. She is, in fact, NICE.


Sara said...

yep, she's pretty adorable!! glad to hear you had such a nice day with her!

Bert said...

And this is about the cutest photo I've ever seen!

Becky said...

That is so cute! And AARGH, the please will you hold this weed, mom? We get that here.

Carrie said...

Or how about today? I was driving a winding road and consulting my GPS looking for the resort we're staying at in the Wisconsin Dells. I'm already holding Pebbles' ice cream cone in one hand because she didn't want most of it. Then Nutmeg wants me to hold her ice cream cone too. Someone needs a driver safety course!

Hailey said...

Great read thaanks