Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've Been Holding Out on You

So many little events in the girls' lives have gone undocumented lately. Can't have that!

1) Nutmeg's vacation: Nutmeg had the best vacation of her life at the Dells and my parents' cabin last week. I cannot imagine a trek to DisneyWorld would have made her any happier. At the Dells she spent every possible moment in the water park, where she was BARELY tall enough to ride all the slides. Ride them she did.
On the last day, Epu took her down to the water park to get her out of our hair while we packed. We kept Pebbles with us since the kid never willingly put a toe in the water anyway. We kicked them out of the room at 9:30, but the water park didn't open until 10, so Epu and Nutmeg had some time to kill. He got $10 worth of tokens and they played some arcade games. They played one called the Big Bass Wheel, which was like a wheel of fortune, and won ONE THOUSAND tickets. The top prize. I wish I had been there to see Nutmeg's face when the machine spit out ticket after ticket. And then she got to go on a shopping spree. I wish I had seen that too. She got a tiara, a "diamond" ring, jelly bracelets for herself and her sister, a whoopee cushion, crayons for her sister, and a bunch of candy like a huge pixie stick that she insisted we all share and -- something that fascinates her but she usually never gets -- Lik-M-Ade.
I just love it that she picked out things for Pebbles.
At the cabin, Nutmeg got to go fishing, which she is strangely good at for a 5-year-old kid. She didn't complain about the fact that it was not warm standing on the dock, she likes handling the worms and the live, flopping fish, and this time we actually ate what she and my dad caught. (In the past she had to throw her catches back because they were either too small or there were not enough to bother cleaning and cooking.) Epu didn't catch any fish, and Nutmeg caught the most.
We all had a lovely time on our trip -- the first half was a celebration of my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary and on the second half we got to relax at the cabin which is always nice -- but Nutmeg had the time of her life.
2) Pebbles is learning empathy.
Most times I feel like I have the two least sensitive "co-workers" in the history of earth. It's like my cousin Hollie once said -- "I could be standing in the kitchen with both arms severed, and someone would walk in and say, 'I need more juice!'"
But this week Pebbles said something that made me realize that she's at least LEARNING to read other people's faces and care about how we feel. I was urging her to eat her dinner. I smiled and asked her nicely, and she said, "Oh! Now you are happy! Now ME happy."
A few minutes later, I asked her to eat a few bites in a more exasperated tone. "Oh," she said. "You not happy anymore."
I think it will still be a few years, or maybe forever, before she realizes that the first time, I wasn't really happy either. I was faking it because I thought I might catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
3) Nutmeg is sleeping in her own bed all night!
Now, moms and dads, this is the kind of thing you should never, never blog about, because announcing it to the world makes it come untrue. But the fact is that Nutmeg has slept in her own bed every single night since we returned from vacation. She slept in her own bed at the hotel -- which didn't bother her because we were right there in the same room -- and that convinced her she could do it. Now, last night we did wake up to find her in our bed at one point, but we just walked her right back to bed and that was that.
As promised, I ordered her these new butterfly sheets as a reward. We both hope they arrive tomorrow.

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Sara said...

ooh, i hope nutmeg continues to sleep in her own room for you guys!! grace will go for several nights at a time in her own room but then is back in our room for several nights, so hopefully nutmeg doesn't follow that same trend. good luck!!