Wednesday, May 06, 2009

31 Weeks Pregnant, at The Dells

One kid is asleep, the other is at waterpark across the parking lot with Grammy and Grampy. Have been sitting on balcony with feet up, watching the odd boat float down Wisconsin River. Later will soak in in-room jacuzzi with hubby. And tomorrow? Epu and I have simultaneous massages scheduled, after which we shall adjourn to the outdoor, adults-only hot tub, where waiters will be standing by with our daquiris.
What pregnancy? I feel like a million bucks.
So does she, obviously:

Pebbles still feels like this about getting near the water:

But we're working on that.


lwwb said...


you are so lucky to have parents to give you some relaxing time you deserve. even tho, you are a stay at home mom, you sure do alot of blog work that keep you busy and be their for your kids...enjoy the relaxing times.

Sara said...

looks like a blast! what resort are you at?

Bert said...

Hooray for vacation and for loving grandparents!