Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips for the Childless

MomLogic is a site that posts a lot of snarky stuff I don't like, but this list of DON'TS for the childless when conversing with moms made me laugh.
I would add one: Don't tell me about that episode of terrible parenting you saw at the store. Whatever horrible thing that parent did, I've probably done it too. Also, there's a Mom Code that requires me to take the side of the criticized mom in all instances that don't involve homicide.
OK, it's true -- you've heard ME criticize that parent I saw at the Post Office/park/kiddie beauty pageant. But it's like hitting your kid brother -- we moms can occasionally indulge in a little judging one another, but we will fight a non-mom if she tries it.
Anyway, we will probably get paid back for our lapses into judgementalism by the Mighty Hand of Parental Karma.


Sara said...

I loved "The cat is not your baby" sister, who is childless, and i fight about this all the time. she has a dog that she loves more than the world and she SWEARS the feelings she has for her dog compare to the feelings i have for my kids. give me a break. it's an animal. i mean, dogs and cats are fine. i had two cats before grace was born and thought i loved them like my own babies, too, but i was way, way wrong.

i'm not an animal person by any stretch, so that may explain why i feel this way, but seriously, they're animals, people. let's not go overboard, and let's DEFINITELY not compare them to human babies.

Notta Wallflower said...

I have really struggled with the last one on the list. I don't think there's anything I hate more than getting advice from a person who has no kids. Maybe I hate going to the dentist a bit more, but getting unsolicited advice is a close second. I have to confess, I was way more judgmental before having kids. But the thing is, you can plan and have ideas for you'd handle almost any situation, until it actually comes up and you're right in the middle of it. Also, I have to agree with you - things that I never thought I'd do I've resorted to, especially when I'm at the end of my rope. It all depends on if I've had a rough day at work, if I've gotten enough sleep, etc. All I can do is try again to do my best the next day until the next time I'm human and have a lapse in judgment.