Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ready to Go to Watertower Place

Not that long ago I wrote about not wanting my kid to get an American Girl doll. Well, I didn't know they would look this cute together, did I?

Nutmeg received Kit Kittredge from her grandma this Christmas, and since then we've been receiving packages with little outfits for Kit. Today when Nutmeg opened the box that had just arrived, she said, "Oh -- it's for Kit." She was kind of jealous. THEN she saw there was a dress for her too, and she was over the moon.
And this is AFTER we got our free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's today and shopped for favors for Nutmeg's birthday party this weekend. That pretty much makes a perfect day for Nutmeg, even if it was rainy and cold out. Actually, rainy and cold made the ice cream better because there was no line.


Abby said...

Oh my, Carrie! She is a doll - no pun intended!

I think she looks more like Kit than Abigail Breslin. I LOVED American Girl when I was in elementary school, except I was more of a Samantha fan. I don't even think Kit was around!

Sara said...

yep, totally adorable. i love the little dresses. now i have to get one for gracie. or convince my mom to.

Bert said...

They're both just lovely! And free ice cream rocks.