Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prenatal Checkup

The girls and I went to the midwife yesterday, where I was informed I'm 28 weeks pregnant, not 29 weeks. Who can keep track? How many kids do I have again?
The scale also told me I'm up to 163 pounds, and again, that's not what I thought. I thought I was 167. I THINK I'm counting my starting weight at 147, so that would have me up 16 pounds with 12 weeks to go.
And all that math is amazing when you consider I've slipped into my bad habit of drinking a can of Coke every single afternoon as a pick-me-up. I have GOT to brew me some iced tea. Maybe red raspberry leaf tea, which the midwife said it's fine to start drinking at this point.
(There are all kinds of opinions out there online about when you should start drinking RRL tea, which is supposed to "tone" your uterus and make delivery easier. Is this total bunk? Quite likely, but the stuff doesn't taste bad. Also, I drank it daily before my last delivery, and labor lasted 6 hours. Didn't drink it before the first, and labor last 19 hours. There. Science.)
My belly, which has been pinning me down every time I sit or lie down lately, measured at 28 inches, which she called "perfect." Hear that, Toth? You're perfect. Or at least your house is.
Nutmeg is by now an old hand at the Doppler machine, and started unwrapping the cord before we were even ready to use it. Toth's heartbeat sounded good, and when Pebbles said something, it accelerated.
I had drunk that glucose drink an hour before my appointment, so they drew my blood for the gestational diabetes test. Nutmeg held my hand, and Pebbles was quite interested because she just had her blood drawn earlier this week for lead screening and to make sure there's nothing wrong with her that is making her so tiny.
(Incidentally, my little chatterbox amused the phlebotomists by not just crying during her blood draw but shouting, "Top it, top it, top it!" i.e. "Stop it" and, when the lady finally stopped and put on a band-aid: "Gank-you."
And then, after fasting all morning for the GD test, I took the girls to Five Guys where I ate a cheeseburger as big as my head.
The end.


Sara said...

mmmm...cheeseburgers. i miss being pregoo sometimes...especially when i am eating my salads and passing on the chocolate. and the cheeseburgers.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, pregnant cheeseburgers were awesome!

Carrie said...

:) I have been breastfeeding or pregnant CONTINUOUSLY for more than five years now. The sad thing is that when I wean this last baby, I will have to relearn to eat like a normal person.
And really, this cheeseburger WAS a pregnant cheeseburger. Like, it had a whole other cheeseburger inside it! And ALL the toppings. Mmmm.