Sunday, April 05, 2009

My Husband Is the Best Husband

I just called him on the phone from upstairs to downstairs, to ask him to bring up whichever bag we put the Premium M&Ms in. When he brought it, I noticed that he had put the opened package of candy in a Zip-Loc. While he was helping pack up the hotel room.
Well, well, I thought. I really have got myself a pretty good man here. I don't think every husband would even think to use a Zip-Loc to prevent candy spillage if they were home in their own kitchen, much less locate a vacant Zip-Loc while in a hotel room with two cranky kids.
And even more impressive? The only reason we had that bag in the hotel is -- no, not because he was sweet enough to go out and score a dime bag on Michigan Ave. last night -- because he packed us a picnic lunch yesterday and then hauled the lunch, the kids, the stroller, and their overnight bags on the El to meet me at the hotel.
I have the best husband. I defy any of you to prove to me that you got any husband can beat my husband at an awesome contest.


Sara said...

awww...i do admit, sounds pretty awesome!!

Bert said...

Agreed that he sounds awesome. Someday, our husbands will have to have an Awesome Off. You and I will be the recipients of the awesomitude, of course.