Thursday, April 16, 2009

Consignment Shopping Tips

I was just emailing a reporter with some tips for consignment shopping kids' clothes, and I thought, now that they're written up, why not share them with you?
  • Price is often based on convenience. Highest priced are consignment shops because you should be able to find a lot of kids clothes, in all sizes, in one place. Second would be sales organized by nonprofits, for example many communites have Mothers of Twins Clubs that hold sales. Third are thrift shops, and you should expect to pay the lowest prices at rummage sales.
  • Find out if your store will pay you for clothes you consign in store credit; stores that do usually give you a better deal on the credit than on cash, and you can trade in your kid's old size for their new size without spending much.
  • Look for premium brands. I've found that there REALLY is a difference between a Gymboree dress and a Circo brand dress from Target. Both might look cute, but the Gymboree will definitely last through more washes. Also if you manage to keep the outfit stain-free and in good shape, you can probably resell the high-end brands again when you're done with them.

Speaking of Gymboree, I was amazed to read on Money Saving Mom recently about this mom who dresses her kids for free by buying on Clearance at Gymboree and later selling the clothes on eBay for just as much or more.

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