Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Yo Plus Coupon

If you've maxed out the Q at, you can get another $1/1 for Yo Plus on the company Web site.
By the way, my parents were worried when they were babysitting recently that the kids shouldn't get more than one container of this stuff because they might get diarrhea. I think they saw the Saturday Night Live skit spoofing the commercials about that ever-vague "digestive health."
So I went to the Web site FAQ (that's where I noticed the Q) and saw that these little cups DO have 3 grams of fiber each. So if you're not used to a lot of fiber u may want to go easy on them at first. The other component, though, the extra probiotics (all yogurts have live active cultures that are good for your gut and prevent diarrhea, but this has extra) won't hurt you no matter how much you get.

1 comment:

Mike said...

We don't stock the Dannon version of this
GI treat for the reason your folks mention. It has
happened to at least one member of our house. :)