Sunday, March 01, 2009

What Happened This Week

This week flew by without me getting a moment to sit down and chat with you all here. I became 21 weeks pregnant, and the front of my shirt bottom lost contact with my pants. I now have that little gap that either says "cute toddler" or "pregnant lady." Also, almost my whole abdomen is now nice and hard -- that belly fat that was thrust up and out in early pregnancy is now mercifully spread around, I guess.
I still feel fine, although mild evening backaches are now becoming routine. No heartburn, no sciatica. Knock wood, but this pregnancy gig treats me pretty well until the third trimester, and this time is no exception.
The other children, the ones that live and breathe without help from me, are growing and maturing and saying clever things. Pebbles seems to have had a growth spurt -- her pants still fall off her skinny little butt unless she has a nice bulky cloth diaper on, but now some of them are too short. She also went to her first-ever class this week, and she liked it pretty well. It's a one-hour version of a simple preschool class, with a sand table, a craft and some singing songs. She was pleased because the room has a lot of the things she always wants to play with at Nutmeg's school, but she got to stay and use them for more than a few minutes.
Nutmeg came along, and I was particularly proud of her that day. She sat in a chair in the back of the room as instructed, reading "Pippi Longstocking." She only got up a couple times, and then it was to actually help Pebbles do something. She craned her head around and listened appreciatively when the toddlers sang (rather, when the teacher and moms sang and the toddlers listened or ignored it), but she didn't interrupt. She is my big girl and got lots of hugs all that day.
Toward the end of the class, the kind teacher asked Nutmeg if she, too, wanted to make a lion craft out of a paper plate and construction paper.
"That's OK," Nutmeg said. "I've already made a lion before."
Grizzled preschool vet, she.

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