Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stars on Ice

This weekend has been a whirlwind, with us packing for our trip to San Francisco and Nutmeg performing in the village ice show each night. It's Nutmeg's first time performing in front of a crowd, and I'm not shocked that she love, love, loved it. When she came home the first night and I asked how it went, she said, "Great!" Later, she told me one of the reasons she liked being in the show was so "everyone can see how great I am."
Self esteem, I don't have to worry about.
The second night, my parents came and after her part I brought Nutmeg out to the stands to watch with us. Both Nutmeg and Pebbles were utterly transfixed by the other skaters -- some of whom are very good with jumps, spins and all the stuff you see in professional performances. Nutmeg was so excited to be involved in the whole thing, but most of all she was excited about getting to wear makeup. Yes, that's right: Choreographers, coaches, volunteers and a zamboni driver all slaved for weeks to help the kids have this performance experience, but to her the highlight was when I applied blue eye shadow each night.
Oh well, at least I got to be involved in the most exciting part, right?
We took some video, but it's a bit shaky to subject you to. Also, no flash photography was allowed so our pics of the actual performance are all blurry. But tonight, at the final performance, I was a locker room parent volunteer, which means I got to see how things go backstage. Here are a few snapshots.

Lining up for the finale (those costumes are itchy):

There is always some drama backstage:

Nutmeg wearing makeup:

The girls backstage:

Pebbles told us many times during the show that SHE wanted to ice skate. She's been on skates before, but she didn't have lessons this year. Nutmeg also said she hopes Pebbles can be in future shows with her. Next fall I'll have to see if I can get Epu and Pebbles into a parent-tot class on weekends, because with that new babe in arms I don't think I'll be hitting the ice anytime in 2009.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Oh, cute! I love her comment about everyone seeing how great she is. Have a good trip!

Bert said...

Okay, could she possibly BE any cuter?!

Sara said...

she's adorable!! grace wants to start ice skating lessons this year, too.

have fun in san fran!!

Kori said...

Too cute! Nutmeg has no idea that there is a blog dedicated to telling the world how great she is. :)