Sunday, March 08, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire oh my GOD

Yesterday my dad picked the girls up for a weekend (shortened by one hour, thank you very little US Congress), so last night we made the unusual move of venturing out of our home after dark and saw Slumdog Millionaire at the local theater.
You probably have already heard that people kind of like this movie, what with it winning Best Picture and all. But if you haven't had the chance to see it, let me just urge you to get yourself out there and watch it.
To say I cried a lot would be like saying the Titanic got a little damp onboard. I felt more like the scene in Tommy where he's strapped down going through an acid trip. In my heightened hormonal state, seeing the two brothers and their little friend in this movie go through hell just put me on an emotional whitewater river. That might not sound pleasant, and yet, it's no spoiler to tell you that everything comes out happy in the end.
The difference between this and every other happy Hollywood ending is that every emotional note throughout the film rings so true that I could actually feel and and believe the ending. It's a monumental accomplishment to get that kind of emotional buy-in out of today's jaded audience. When is the last time you saw a happy ending on screen and thought, "True love really CAN triumph over adversity!"? Enough said without giving away any spoilers. But part of why this movie is so emotionally true and why it especially pulled me in is this kid. I mean, look at him!

It didn't hurt that he played a plucky little brother who reminded me very much of the plucky little sister in our family.

And the whole "siblings fighting but still looking out for each other" theme pushed my buttons more than any movie since "Dead Poets Society" came out just as I was at that "I am a misunderstood poet" stage of the teen years.

Then there is the whole fact that the things that happened to the children in this movie are (spoiler alert: you might not want to follow this link if u haven't seen the movie) happening to real children. Halfway through the film I had an Angelina Jolie moment, and leaned over to Epu and whispered, "We have to go to India and get all the babies nobody's taking care of."

He was less than enthused about that plan. But he loved the movie too, and there aren't that many films that delight us both. I mean, this movie even got this pregnant lady to hold it for 120 minutes without a potty break. Go see it already!

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