Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pregnancy Update and Pictures - IUPDATED W/ BELLY PIC

First, some pics:

Nutmeg in her costume for the ice show (she's a little fish):

Anti-bed-jumping policy temporarily suspended to celebrate arrival of full-sized bed that girls are supposed to share. So far, attempts at establishing the sibling bed have also been suspended due to unruliness. Will try again when Pebbles is not so friggin' immature.

This was a couple of weeks ago. Please tell me this was the last snowman they will make this spring.

Pebbles grew into a sweater that Grandma made for Nutmeg. She's holding a little animatronic pig, which she loves to feed a bottle to.

MAH BELLY at 23 weeks! (I don't know why, but this just seems like the cutest pregnant belly I have ever had. I don't know why women complain about how they look when pregnant. I have to say I love my nice, full pregnant bod way more than my "I've had 2 kids and I'm saggy" bod.")

Now, the update:

I saw the midwife yesterday, and all appears well with the little parasite inside me, whom we are calling "Thoth" for the time being. Yeah, I know, you're supposed to give your unborn child a really cute nickname like Bean or SweetPea but I guess this baby just reminds us more of the heart and tongue of Ra.

The results of the ultrasound were all fine -- four chambers in the heart, two kidneys, etc. My placenta is in front, which is not a problem. That sounds familiar -- I think maybe that's where it was with Nutmeg too. I Googled to see whether anterior placenta leads the fetus being in a posterior position at delivery -- something I've had the misfortune to experience twice now. I got a lot of forums where other pregnant women were asking the same question, but no studies or professionals saying that the two are actually related.

Thoth's heartbeat sounds good, my blood pressure is good, and I gained 3 pounds in the last month, putting me at 161. I think that makes 14 pounds for the pregnancy, at 23 weeks. I feel pretty good about that since I can tell the baby grew quite a bit this month; fortunately the weather has eased up a little, allowing me to be more active, so I'm not putting on too much fat that I'll just have to lose later. I hope to have more 3-pound months, because if I gain a pound for each of the next 17 weeks, my total weight gain will be over 30 pounds. And 30 pounds is plenty enough for me, thanks.

I also asked the midwife which of my 3-drug allergy cocktail I can take when we go to San Francisco in a couple weeks. Turns out I can take Rhinocort, which I think helps me the most. Allegra and Patanol are both Category C drugs, which means that animal studies have shown adverse effects during pregnancy. However, the midwife had very sensible advice: Try to control your allergies with the Rhinocort along with some Claritin or Benadryl, both of which are Category B (no harm shown in animal studies). But bring your Allegra and Patanol with you, and if you're really suffering, a few doses won't hurt now that you're in mid-pregnancy.

She also suggested half a glass of wine if Braxton-Hicks contractions are persistent. Did I mention I love this midwife practice? This would be a good time to mention these links that I found recently challenging the conventional wisdom that pregnant women must completely abstain from alcohol:

OK, time to pass out now (from exhaustion not overindulgence).

Oh, speaking of drinking, can you believe that Barbie is 50 years old? She looks great, can hit the clubs with the best of them, and still can't handle her liquor:

(Heh. I found that pic on my camera so I guess Nutmeg took it.)


Sara said...

Man, I wish I had known that a half glass of wine helps with BH contractions...I would have definitely taken advantage of that!

And the girls are adorable, as usual. Good luck with the sibling bed!!

Anonymous said...

i have no clue wat is BH felt like. I have no idea if I had them or not. I can't tell them apart form the baby's movement...

Carrie said...

It doesn't really feel like movement at all. It feels like a cramp -- your whole abdomen gets hard as a rock and feels tight like a cramped leg or a tight muscle after overdoing a workout. Basically like your first contractions when labor first starts but it's not painful yet. Maybe you didn't have any.

I didn't know I was having them the first time around until I got on a monitor a week before delivery and the resident said, "Are you feeling those contractions?"
I was like, ohhh ... that's a contraction. And I may have been in early labor the whole week leading up to the delivery, because I had a LOT of those things. Second time around they more came and went, with no significant buildup before labor.

Sara said...

cute belly!!!

Unknown said...

Man, DO NOT read the comments on that second link about drinking while pregnant. Talk about people with strong opinions!!

Bert said...

You all look so ridiculously cute in your snow and belly lives! I miss you. Can't wait for your visit!

Anonymous said...

Ah, cute bump! Makes me actually miss being pregnant!

Saw you quoted in a Chicago Tribune article about frugality recently--congrats on that!

Becky said...

Love all these pics! And you've totally got the cute pregnant lady thing goin' on.

Anonymous said...

Found you via Meagan F's post at I'm hitting 21 weeks this week. I'm loving the baby bump, too. Although, dreading the "after" pregnancy sag...make that, double sag since this is my 2nd.

We call this one "Baby Dos", as in "Baby #2". The 3.5 yr. old will be confused once we actually give this one a name.