Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My Body Is Only Slightly Pregnant, But My Brain Is Far Gone

22 weeks today, and guess what? I realized that my non-maternity jeans are still comfortable as long as it isn't the first day they came out of the dryer. Was happy to switch back because maternity pants are so ... maternity pantsish! Like, either they come up to your boobs or they just barely cover your butt. I cannot wait until it is spring and I can just wear floaty loose sundresses all the time.
Today several people I know expressed shock when they found out I was pregnant. They couldn't tell by looking at me. Which is funny, because if they looked at my brain they would probably say, "Whew! You are ready to pop! Are you sure it isn't twins?"
Pregnancy brain is a real phenomenon, but it's only been scientifically documented in the third trimester. Hmmph. That's because they haven't documented me. Yesterday, I showed up for a midwife appointment that is actually scheduled for next week. A few weeks ago, I accidentally tried to take someone else's kid home from a birthday party instead of Pebbles. I honestly didn't notice anything amiss, even though the other kid is twice as big as Pebbles.
Then again, I've also been getting lots of work done in my blogging, working, bargain ninja life, and getting the kids out to do all kinds of fun stuff, so I'm obviously not a complete zombie yet.
In even more serious pregnancy symptoms, I had mild heartburn two nights this week. It seems my symptom-free ride may be coming to an end. Also, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to bend at the waist, an activity my mom job calls for every, oh, 3 seconds.
Still feel pretty good, though. And lucky.

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Sara said...

Oh, and the baby brain doesn't end once baby arrives. Maybe I should chalk it up to sleep deprivation that could probably be compared to Basic Training, but I can't keep anything straight these days. I'm lucky I manage to get Grace off to school in the mornings...I'm still not sure how I do it.