Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish

Nutmeg, today when I hand her a beverage after Ice Show rehearsal:
"I guess I'm one of the lucky kids today!"
Me: Well, you're one of the lucky kids every day. (I'm thinking, you have a home, don't go to bed hungry, don't face racial discrimination or much in the way of social injustice, don't get hit with a chain, don't struggle with a disability, are loved like crazy, etc., etc.)
Nutmeg: I mean, there are some things that other kids get that I never get. And today, I did! (waving the Capri Sun I just gave her)
Remind me to add deprivation of "juice drinks" to the scourges suffered by children of the world.
And of course, the only reason I bought Capri Sun today? Part of a sweet Catalina deal at Jewel, so it was less than $1 for a 10-pack.
One of the lucky ones:


Helen said...

Yeah, I picked up 8 boxes, plus 2 easy mac and a gallon of milk for $8.

Jeevita said...

Ohmygod, the links are heartrending..

tracey.becker1@gmail.com said...

Such a deprived child you have! :) I love the comparisons they make to other people. And I remember doing the EXACT same thing as a child!